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EXCLUSIVE: Dan Ewing reveals the special way he surprised his son after four months apart and weighs in on a Home and Away return

Dan Ewing’s last several years have been eventful to say the least. There doesn’t appear to be much the 36-year-old can’t accomplish, from starring in the smash sci-fi thriller Occupation: Rainfall to coming in fourth place on the gruelling military-style reality programme SAS Australia.

Dan spoke to TV WEEK about his particular relationship with his son Archie, his love for Home and Away, and how he thinks about his depiction on SAS while filming a top-secret movie inspired by a legendary Australian murder in the Victorian bush.

Dan left his role as river boy Heath Braxton on Home and Away in 2013, but he still has nothing but admiration for the show that gave him his start.

“I f—king adore Home and Away!” he exclaims, adding that he doesn’t understand why some former H&A cast members appear embarrassed about their experience on the show.

“Some people strive to leave Home and Away in their wake, but I think it’s a good thing. I find it amusing when people refuse to discuss it! It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Everyone on there is fantastic.

“Considering the time they have [to prepare an episode], what they accomplish and achieve on there is deep.”

Dan also explained how his cameo on Summer Bay earlier this year came about, claiming that the retaliation was prompted by a dream executive producer Lucy Addario had about him.

He chuckles, “She had a funny little epiphany about me.”

“They contacted me, and I happened to be in Sydney, so I drove 20 minutes from my house, then went to the Home and Away car park and had a fight with a few friends. It was very amazing.”

Dan couldn’t speak highly enough about his time on the show, calling the cast and staff “a true family.”

He explains, “They shoot all year and have each other’s backs.”

Dan said it’s a “never say never” situation when asked if he’d ever reprise Heath Braxton full-time.

“It’s not about the ratings for me; I’m a stickler for narratives. Obviously, I’m doing things that take a lot of time right now. Would I scoff at it [returning to H&A] because it’s at the bottom of the rung? No, not at all “he declares

“What they’re doing today is wonderful, in my opinion. They’ve upgraded all of their cameras and spent a lot of money on production value, as the trained eye can tell.”

Dan isn’t just busy with movie projects; he’s also a dedicated parent to his seven-year-old son Archie.

Dan’s face lighted up when he mentioned Archie, whom he hadn’t seen in four months because of Queensland’s severe border controls to New South Wales and Victoria, where he’s presently filming.

“I Facetime him every day, so we caught him off guard one day while Facetiming. During our dinner conversation, I crept up on him. He was really taken aback. He threw the phone down “Dan recalls their sad reunion at Tweed Heads, near the NSW/Queensland boundary.

“Although it seemed like 20 seconds, I believe we hugged for almost five minutes. I was a blubbering mess at the time.”

It’s been difficult for Dan to be away from his son, but he admits that a lot of Australian families are in the same scenario.

“The good news is that he’s settled in Queensland and leads a happy life there. He’d be locked up [due to COVID], as much as I’d like him down here in Victoria “he declares.

“However, missing Father’s Day and birthdays becomes difficult.”

Dan also discussed his time in SAS Australia and the backlash he received for using meditation and mindfulness to complete the training.

“The response has been overwhelming, but people are beginning to read between the lines. We have to keep in mind that we’re 18 characters on a television programme, yet they have to portray us in a specific manner “he declares

“At the end of the day, they’re painting characters.”

Dan, on the other hand, insists that appearing on the show was one of the finest things he’s ever done, claiming that he was “living my dream” to be competing against Australia’s best Olympians.

“They had a different perspective, which is why they are professional athletes. That was thrilling for me to see “He gushes.

Dan will be attending Oz Comic Con on the 4th and 5th of December at Sydney Showground, where he will be accompanied by a lineup of Australian actors including Richard Roxburgh, Remy Hii, and Danielle Cormack.

“It’s enormous! It’s like a gigantic pop culture festival, with fans getting to meet myself and other actors “he declares

Dan is now making a film in country Victoria on a real-life murder that occurred in Australia, however he won’t say whose historical incident it is based on.

“It is based on a true storey about a well-known murder in Australian history. It’s one of those difficult subjects for which I don’t get to wear tights “He chuckles.

“There’s a solemnity, a gravitas, and a weight to being inspired by genuine events. And I’m under much more strain because it’s loosely based on a number of people.”


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