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Neighbours’ strangest franchises – high school spin-off, video game and time travel

Neighbours is leaving our screens after almost 40 years. The iconic serial helped establish the careers of Margot Robbie, Kylie Minogue, and Jason Donovan.

After 37 years, Channel 5 has opted to end its relationship with the Australian drama, leaving the UK without a broadcaster.

So the show is preparing for its final episode in summer 2022.

Due to its success, Neighbours has spawned a teen spin-off and an 8-bit video game.

Here are the show’s craziest moneymakers.

The Neighbours Video Game

The Neighbours game had a lot of recognised faces to help you beat your opponent.

The user controls Jason Donovan’s character, Scott Robinson, as he speeds around Ramsay Street, the tavern, and Erinsborough High School.

It’s not that easy.

Emus, kangaroos, traffic, the show’s canine Bouncer, and Mrs. Mangle are among the hurdles.

Scott is accompanied by Charlene (Kylie Minogue) and other familiar faces as he attempts to gather Grundy gems.

The Neighbours Board Game

Before the video game’s fame, a more analogue version of the characters existed.

The 1987 Neighbours Game had a Monopoly-like board with distinct colours and icons.

To make an episode, players simply drew a character card, an action card, and another character card.

In 1988, Jamie Clarke, a 3-year-old with breathing issues after birth, was taken from the game owing to improper cards.

Erinsborough High

Erinsborough High, a spin-off of Neighbours, debuted in 2019.

The programme follows Australian kids when one of their Year 12 classmates went missing.

It has one season with five episodes titled Monday through Friday.

Erinsborough High featured some of the show’s regular characters, including Jason Donovan’s daughter Jemma as Harlow Robinson.

Time-travel vs. Neighbours

In 2017, the official Neighbours YouTube channel produced five webisodes in which Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) tries to change 30 years of Neighbours history.

Paul accidently created a parallel reality by travelling to 1985.

His attempt to give his old self backfires when he learns Susan is married and Toadie is a thug.

In 2014, Neighbours VS. Zombies aired on the network.

Some of the show’s stars must defend Ramsay Street against the undead in this creepy spin-off.

Both miniseries were well-received by audiences, and YouTube comments were full with appreciation.


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