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Home and Away’s Dean Thompson nearly had very different name which actor hated

Paddy O’Connor, who plays Dean Thompson on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, disclosed an important detail about his character that almost never occurred in an exclusive interview.

Paddy O’Connor, a star of Home and Away, acknowledged that a defining aspect of his soap opera character rarely appeared on television.

The 30-year-old actor is best known for his 2018–present depiction of River Boy Dean Thompson on the Channel 5 soap opera.

But according to Paddy, who spoke exclusively to Daily Star, it seems the persona almost came to Summer Bay under a totally different name.

“They have a scene or a character blurb when you get your audition for Home and Away, and that can change at any time before you start the role,” he said.

Could you conceive if I were Roy Thompson, Paddy continued? “And so originally it was actually Roy Thompson.

In a humorous statement, Sophie Dillman, who plays Dean’s on-screen love interest Ziggy Astoni, said, “I don’t think Roy and Ziggy would’ve worked out.”

Paddy chuckled, “I don’t believe Roy would have survived.

Paddy and Sophie said this plot line helped them as a pair get ready for real life as Dean and Ziggy recently welcomed their first child together.

Since many of the discussions that took place in the scene would later occur in real life, Sophie, 29, said that having a fake pregnancy was a lot of fun.

Paddy concurred as Sophie continued, “Yeah, like names, types of birth, cravings, and all that kind of thing. We’d go home and talk about those things.”

“It was kind of cool to do all that but then not go home with an actual baby,” Paddy continued.

It was kind of nice because we got to practice, the blonde beauty added.

Paddy and Sophie first connected when they attended the same acting school about 12 years ago, but they only reconnected after getting jobs on the same serial opera.

Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni’s on-screen courtship developed shortly after it started, and the two started dating in real life in 2019.


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