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Neighbours confirms outcome of Hendrix Greyson’s big proposal

Hendrix Greyson proposes to Mackenzie Hargreaves on Neighbours.

Hendrix (Ben Turland) was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis after the high school fire. He needs a lung transplant in three years to live.

This week, he and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) decide to visit Hendrix’s family in Sydney, including his dad Pierce. Despite not planning to, Hendrix opens up about his condition when his sister Alana senses he’s acting strangely.

After revealing all, Hendrix takes stock of his life and realises how much Mackenzie means to him, so he proposes.

Next week, a startled but excited Mackenzie accepts Hendrix’s proposal and decides to marry him.

Hendrix’s family is overjoyed, and he leaves Sydney feeling closer to them.

Back on Ramsay Street, Hendrix and Mackenzie celebrate their engagement with friends and neighbours.

The whole street celebrates the couple’s engagement later in the week.

Hendrix is enjoying his holiday with his family and not worrying about his condition when he suddenly receives the phone call of a lifetime. What’s Hendrix’s major news?

Ben, who plays Hendrix, said his proposal is “very spur of the moment” and Mackenzie makes it “less chaotic and more wholesome.”

Mackenzie wasn’t anticipating the inquiry, he told Inside Soap. “With everything going on, it surprises them. Hendrix wants to marry, though.”


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