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Neighbours star Phoebe Roberts reveals Freya and David confession aftermath

Phoebe Roberts, who plays Freya Wozniak on Neighbours, has spoken out about the impact following Freya Wozniak and David Tanaka’s bombshell disclosures about Gareth Bateman’s death.

Gareth was just let go by his Erinsborough Hospital colleagues after the dangerous criminal was engaged in a mini-bus mishap while on the River Bend tour.

Following persistent pressure from their unknown blackmailer, Freya and David realized it was time to break their cover-up in Tuesday’s program on Channel 5 (April 19).

Freya and David went to work and went to Clive Gibbons’ office to tell him the truth. When they discovered that someone had already denounced them for Gareth’s death, they were taken aback.

Phoebe stated what occurs next to Digital Spy as follows: “Freya and David decided it was time to come clean and be the first to confess it, figuring they’d get a less punishment if they did.

“Unfortunately, someone has already done it before them. Their strategy of being honest and forthcoming has backfired, and they are now being tried like criminals.”

Freya and David will speak with lawyers in upcoming episodes, who propose that their defense strategy should focus on their post-traumatic stress disorder following the events of River Bend.

Worryingly, David begins to lose interest in defending himself, preferring instead to accept his fate.

Phoebe went on to say: “Freya is still looking for a way out. She isn’t accustomed to being discovered! She is not a person who keeps track of her time.

“David is a deeply moral guy who finds comfort in telling the truth, yet this contradicts everything Freya thinks.

“She would have taken an out if someone had offered it a second before she came clean, so it’s a really tricky situation for her to be in.”

Freya’s disclosure will also put a strain on her shaky relationship with Levi Canning.

Phoebe went on to say: “Actually, I think it’s rather sad. Levi had begun to feel like the beginning of the rest of Freya’s life. For her, he was the start of a new chapter.

“Levi is a wonderful man who was completely devoted to Freya. He simply adores her, whether it’s friendship or something more. Freya, on the other hand, now stands to lose a lot by speaking up. She’s never been in a situation where she’s had anything to lose before.

“Freya seems unconcerned about being charged with a crime or her ex-death. boyfriend’s She is only concerned about losing Levi.

“I’m hoping they have a chance. Levi will probably go through the motions, but it is up to him. If they do get back together, the biggest way is to see if he can get her out of his head.”


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