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Lincoln Lewis and Todd Lasance celebrate 15 years since joining Home and Away – and their “bromance” gives us serious nostalgia

There’s nothing like a Home and Away throwback to make us miss the Summer Bay cast from the past.

Lincoln Lewis, a former star of Home and Away, was beaming with pleasure on Tuesday as he commemorated 15 years on the show that launched his career.

Lincoln, who played Geoff Campbell on the serial from 2007 to 2010, tweeted a selfie from the set of Summer Bay with former co-star Todd Lasance, whose character Aden Jefferies also left the show in 2010.

“A 15-year reunion photo!! 😝  “Around this time 15 years ago, @toddjlasance and I had both been cast in Home & Away and began filming within a few weeks of each other,” Lincoln wrote his Instagram image.

“This photo of us as puppies in Summer Bay High School was shot about a month after we started filming the show.

“Geoff and Aden’s wonderful days were filled with epic coming-of-age stories, camaraderie, competitiveness, and an s—tloaddd of banter 🔥.” “To this day, we’re still friends.”

Lincoln and Todd planned to replicate their classic shot taken at the fictional Summer Bay High School after realizing their special anniversary was approaching.

“We mentioned if we were in Sydney, we’d try to get the old uniforms on for this shot,” he teased. “But maybe that’s on the cards for the next Syd trip.. and depending if we can sneak into the studios for it.. 😜,”

Lincoln and Todd playfully replicated their retro photo at the Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Expo.

“I’m always grateful to the show’s admirers who still come up and talk about the days in the bay,” the 34-year-old added.

“Epic times all around & dead set, couldn’t stop laughing last week while shooting this shot! 🤙🏼”

“THIS. IS. ALL. TIME!!!” Todd wrote under Lincoln’s post, expressing his admiration for his former co-star. Thank you to everyone who watched the show and backed the Aden/Geoff relationship! You’re fantastic! “I adore you, bro!”

Both Lincoln and Todd have reaped the benefits of their time on Home and Away since leaving the show in 2010.

Lincoln has been on Neighbours, House Husbands, and Underbelly: Razor, as well as in the smash action film Tomorrow, When the War Began.

Todd has appeared in The Vampire Diaries, Underbelly Files: Chopper, and Janet King.


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