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Neighbours star Alan Fletcher reveals huge changes for Karl and Susan Kennedy in revival as he confirms ‘intensely personal’ story

Due to a variety of unique dynamics, Alan Fletcher has disclosed that he has been granted a “new lease” while working on the updated Neighbours series.

The actor, who plays Karl Kennedy, discussed the “bigger” and “better” reincarnation of the renowned soap opera with He disclosed that it has allowed him to take on challenges he had never faced before.

since fans are aware, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) has been very irritated with Karl during the first week of the Amazon Freevee episodes, since prior transgressions have come back to significantly affect the pair.

There have already been some amazing moments between the two, and fans have praised Alan and Jackie for their outstanding performances. According to Alan, working with Jackie is his “safe place,” and they can “do the work” they’re accustomed to doing together when they’re alone.

While Karl and Susan are still fighting like they always did, viewers can also anticipate seeing the enduring characters in future episodes engaging with a number of other beloved Ramsay Street characters.

“What’s interesting is that Jackie and I have taken brief, pre-arranged breaks from the show,” Alan said during our conversation.

Since there wasn’t much we could do about it, we had to work independently of one another, which has been interesting and refreshing in a different way. Suddenly, I had the opportunity to examine Karl’s relationships with other characters in a way I wouldn’t ordinarily do.

It has offered me a fresh lease.

Fans can anticipate that Karl will have a lot of interactions with characters such as Ian Smith’s Harold Bishop, who will see a significant increase in concern for his old friend’s well-being in sequences that Alan calls “intensely personal.”

He stated, “The content we have with Ian [Smith] this time around builds on that of the previous incarnation.” We always think of Harold as a funny character, so it’s given Ian a chance to showcase his talent as a dramatic actor.

“These have been very personal scenes, and as Karl ages and starts to sense the dangers of old age, things in his life are starting to resonate more with him.”


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