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Home and Away newcomer Jessica Redmayne opens up over real-life friendship with on-screen sister

The recent addition to Home and Away, Jessica Redmayne, has talked about her bond with co-star Ally Harris in real life.

In an enigmatic new plot, Redmayne’s character Harper was first presented to Australian audiences. Next week, Harper and her sister Dana (Harris) will make their way to Summer Bay for UK viewers.

The actress discussed her role with the New Zealand-based publication Stuff, revealing that before filming, she and Harris practised their on-screen chemistry.

They had ensured that the sisters had a strong sisterly bond. “We had each other to lean on and we both still to this day kind of reassure each other that we’ve got each other,” Redmayne added.

We actually do relate to our characters fairly deeply because we spend a lot of time together to develop that relationship. It was a pleasure to enter the performance besides her.”

After they appeared on the show, it was disclosed that social worker Harper already knew someone who lived in Summer Bay at the time since she was an old acquaintance of police officer Cash Newman.

Subsequently, it is revealed that Harper needs Cash’s assistance to clear her sister’s name since Dana, who is currently on the run, was set up by her boyfriend to store drugs in her apartment.

But later on, things take a dark turn for Dana when it is revealed that the dishonest Detective Madden is working against Harper and Cash.

“I’m at a point in my life, maturity wise, where I am ready to do a character like this,” Redmayne continued, speaking about her role. Because of her extensive background—I suppose—she’s not an easy character to play. She has accomplished a lot.”


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