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Neighbours spoilers: Glen crushed in terrible accident

Glen (Richard Huggett) hasn’t had much success in Neighbours, what with his secret about being Kiri’s (Gemma Bird Matheson) being outed, and now he may die in an accident.

Leo (Tim Kano) has found the vineyard difficult since Glen and Kiri. Glen wants to make amends. To reestablish the balance, he takes on as much work as possible to prove his dedication. When he overextends, calamity strikes.

Glen gets in a terrible accident, and he’s alone. Glen’s situation appears bleak.

Thankfully, Leo finds him under one of the enormous vats. Leo gets him to the hospital before he dies. Waiting for immediate care may cause lasting damage.

After his past troubles, he refuses opioids for fear of becoming hooked. He pushes through, but with pain levels at 10, how long can he go without help?

Channel 5 airs scenes starting May 23.


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