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Home and Away reveals new setback in Martha storyline

As Martha Stewart’s health continues to deteriorate, new scenes from Home and Away will depict another painful setback for her.

Roo Stewart, Martha’s daughter, has been saddened by her mother’s unwillingness to accept a kidney donation from her, and the family was further distressed when Dr. Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) informed them that Martha’s condition is rapidly deteriorating.

Martha (Belinda Giblin) pays another visit to the transplant facility in scenes appearing in Australia this week and in the UK in a few weeks, according to TV Week. She is told that she is definitely not fit enough to undertake any surgery at the present.

Logan informs Martha that her condition is deteriorating and that her blood pressure is high, necessitating an increase in her medication.

Tearful Martha hates herself for this latest failure, but she realises she must accept her fate. Meanwhile, her husband Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) is overtaken with emotion as a result of the awful news, but tries to disguise his distress from his wife.

Roo (Georgie Parker), on the other hand, refuses to accept the doctor’s judgement and begins her own investigation into heart diseases and stress reduction, trying to find a method for Martha to be allowed for surgery.

Georgie, an actress, said: “Roo has only known her mother for a short time. When Martha reappeared in her life, Roo had the opportunity to save her life, but her mother refused, and she was afraid she would lose her all over again.”


The next morning, Roo provides Logan with her medical results, and he devises a plan of action that is in line with Roo’s health-related goals. Despite the fact that Alf is sceptical of the plans, Martha is eager to try anything that can alleviate her condition.

When Alf returns home later, he is taken aback to discover Martha, Roo, and Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons) meditating on the couch together. A weird odour also perplexes him, which turns out to be some nutritious vegetable soup and Buddha bowls.

Despite his reservations, Alf acknowledges that he hasn’t seen Martha have so much fun in a long time and that Roo may have been correct in her approach.

The trio goes for a walk the next day, but it quickly becomes too much for Martha, who begins to battle to breathe.

Alf scolds Roo for pushing her mother too hard, and Roo is immediately reminded of Martha’s fragility and Alf’s genuine care for her.

Is Roo’s idea to assist Martha get better truly going to work?


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