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Neighbours reveals shocking accident for Glen Donnelly

Glen Donnelly’s accident could leave him seriously injured, according to Neighbors.

Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) grows concerned about the uneasy chemistry at the vineyard after learning that Kiri Hua Durant (Gemma Bird Matheson) is Glen’s long-lost daughter.

Glen (Richard Huggett) feels terrible for the awkwardness and takes on additional vineyard labour.

Glen overextends himself, causing a deadly mishap that traps him under a barrel. Glen is helpless and alone.

Leo finds him and frees him from the barrel.

Glen is hospitalised and fears permanent injury.

He refuses opiate pain medication because of his history of alcoholism.

Glen is determined to fight through the discomfort, but how long can he go without help?

Glen’s half-brother Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) revealed the truth about Kiri’s paternity to everyone.

Glen’s actor, Richard, told Digital Spy that Paul’s actions could kill their connection as brothers and that Glen will never forgive him.

On Glen’s relationship with Kiri, Richard believes “there is a chance that Glen and Kiri can start getting along again,” but it may take time for them to adjust.


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