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Neighbours returns with major twist that has left our jaws on the actual floor

Major spoilers from the first episode of Neighbours, which is currently streaming on Amazon Freevee, are included in this article.

With a massive twist that had fans’ mouths dropping, Neighbours made a triumphant return to television.

The iconic soap opera’s return episode, which took place two years after the star-studded ending, fulfilled all our expectations by reintroducing us to old Ramsay Street characters and a brand-new family.

Excitement was in the air, with a surprise wedding at the core of it all. A teaser had earlier revealed the identities of the bride and groom, leaving viewers guessing.

After Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was revealed as the bridegroom by the end of the first half of Monday’s (September 18) episode, viewers were led to assume that Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) was the groom by the show’s witty banter.

Given that Terese and Paul got back together in the Channel 5 season finale last year, this conclusion would have made perfect sense.

But in true Neighbours tradition, there was going to be a shocking turn of events, as the last seconds of the aforementioned outing revealed that the groom was actually Ryan Moloney’s character Toadie Rebecchi!


Think of us as genuinely shocked.

Even though he insisted that he was happy as can be, Paul was obviously still harbouring sentiments for his beloved Terese as he watched the crowd.

In addition to discovering an old invitation to her wedding to Paul, Terese also appeared to be experiencing some misgivings following an unusual discovery in her bedroom chest of drawers.

Is Paul and Terese’s reunion just a question of time? Still, do Terese and Toadie have it real?

To discover out, you’ll simply have to keep watching.

Neighbours has made a triumphant comeback, and we promise that the drama will only get better from now on. You won’t want to miss a second of the action.


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