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Neighbours star Rebekah Elmaloglou hints at Terese, Nell and Hugo drama

Rebekah Elmaloglou, a star of Neighbours, has hinted that Terese Willis, her character, may experience trouble as a new stepmother.

Terese recently got married to Toadie Rebecchi, who is the father of Nell and Hugo, and is a new member of a family.

Watchers watched Nell reassure Toadie earlier this week that she was completely in favour of his new relationship.

But Rebekah hinted that Terese would have her work cut out for her in upcoming episodes with Nell and Hugo in a conversation with Digital Spy.

Rebekah acknowledged, when asked about Terese’s relationship with the children: “That doesn’t run smoothly at all.”

“The actors are amazing and beautiful,” she went on. In other words, Terese now lives with a large number of children, especially small ones. She had always been such a wonderful, driven professional, but she also had a sweet family side.

She will give the kids her whole embrace because she loves Toadie. But there will undoubtedly be problems.”

For the upcoming season, which begins in July 2022 and takes place two years after the events of the “final ever” episode, Nell and Hugo have both been recast.

The original Nell, portrayed by Scarlett Anderson, was alive and well from the character’s creation in 2013 until the July 2022 conclusion episode.

In the meanwhile, Hugo was portrayed by John Turner from 2018 until 2022.

With the revamp of Neighbours, Tanner Ellis-Anderson has been cast as Hugo and Ayisha Salem-Towner as Nell.

“Our Nelly and Hugo have grown up too, with new episodes of Neighbours jumping two years ahead,” the show’s executives stated while announcing the switch earlier this month.

“We are thrilled to present Ayisha Salem-owner and Tanner Ellis-Anderson, whom we are sure you will adore.”


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