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Neighbours’ Reece Sinclair says goodbye to Ramsay Street

Neighbours’ episode airing tonight, which is thought to be Mischa Barton’s last, included Reece Sinclair bidding Erinsborough farewell.

After ten weeks on screen, Reece Sinclair departed Erinsborough, marking the first significant departure from “Neighbours: The Next Chapter.”

The past eight weeks have been difficult for US celebrity Mischa Barton’s character, as she swept through Erinsborough.

Being the daughter of hotel magnate Conrad Sinclair, Reece Sinclair went through more turmoil than most. Reece says goodbye to Erinsborough this week.

When Neighbours returned in September, Reece was revealed as Byron Stone’s (Xavier Molyneaux) romantic interest in addition to becoming the newest femme fatale to compete with Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) over Lassiters.

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After three weeks of dating, they made the decision to pursue a more serious relationship than merely friendship with benefits.


Reece tried to pay Byron off and move on after learning about his previous gigolo business, but it seemed that Byron and Reece shared far more romantic sentiments than she realised!

As the two became closer, Byron’s mother Jane (Annie Jones) began to worry that they would experience heartbreak when Reece ultimately made the decision to go back to the US.

Luckily, Reece didn’t seem to be planning to return anytime soon, especially when Byron found out the truth about her whereabouts in Australia.

Reece had been sent on a mission and arrived in Australia in search of her lost younger half sister, Krista (Majella Davis). The last recorded address is Lassiters Erinsborough.

Reece started looking for her sister, but her quest turned her countless dead ends. But after discovering that she had been going by Kelly, Reece turned to a marketing research study to collect more details in an effort to piece together her sister’s story.

After paying the student who owned the red car that Reece had been driving, she discovered a card inside that she had given to Krista—something to help keep Krista grounded while she battled a heroin addiction.

As it happened, the truth about Krista was exposed last week when Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) came to Erinsborough, and everything that had happened over the previous two years was somehow related.

Reece had to call home and tell her father the news once it became apparent that Melanie thought she had killed Krista by accident. but neither he nor his helper Tess (Anica Calida) responded.

When it was revealed earlier this week that Krista was still alive, Reece was ecstatic to see her sister again in yesterday’s show.

Sadly, when Krista told her that she didn’t want to visit her sister, her joy quickly changed to sadness. Fortunately, Mackenzie’s (Georgie Stone) understated efforts allowed common sense to win out, and Krista consented to meet Reece.

From this point on, the sisters had a reunion moment as a result of their common ability to process their guilt.

Reece was thrilled with her sister’s advancement and excited about what lay ahead.

Sadly, she suffers yet another setback in this episode.

Reece finds out that Conrad has suffered a severe stroke and is in urgent surgery when she gets a call from Tess (Anica Calida), her father’s sidekick.

As she puts the timeline together, she discovers that he had the stroke before finding out Krista was still alive.

Reece decides to tell her newly discovered sister that she is returning to the US as soon as possible, putting her father’s needs first.

Naturally, Krista is heartbroken by the possibility of losing her father as well as Reece.

But Byron suffers an even greater blow because he was caught off guard by the news and shocked to learn that his sweetheart had passed away. He offers to drive her to the airport so he can give her the grand send-off she deserves, but she insists on handling things herself.

Reece is far more realistic about the circumstances, even if he is certain that Reece’s return to the States is only temporary.

Both of them are devastated as they are forced to say farewell and split ways in a cordial manner.

Reece leaves for the United States in the hopes that her father will recover as Byron waves her goodbye.

But she’s got one last surprise in planned for Paul!

She is aware that she needs someone to check over things at Lassiters now that she is back.

She needs to be close to Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) so that she can watch Paul with eyes and ears on the ground.

Hi Chloe Brennan, and farewell to Reece Sinclair!


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