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Home and Away’s Mac sparks big suspicion in 20 spoiler pictures

Photos of what’s on UK TVs the week of May 23.

Tuesday, May 24: 

Ziggy surfed. She swims out to check on Dean.

Ziggy aids Dean. She asks whether he needs help at the board shop.

Logan disrupts. Mac worries him again.

Logan’s sad. Mac and he had a good vacation, but now she’s being secretive again.

Logan detects Mac’s secret. Dean and Ziggy agree privately but try to reassure Logan.

The boys help Mac. They try to reassure Logan.

Logan backs off. Will he soon learn about the unlawful gaming at Salt?

Wednesday, May 25: 

Justin surfed. He has plenty of time now that Theo and Leah are away from the Bay.

John wants news. “How is Theo now that everyone knows about his past with Dimitri?”

Reassures John. He says Leah contacted him and Theo is well.

John queries Dimitri. Dimitri hasn’t spoken since Theo’s abuse was revealed.

Ryder approaches. He’s ready for Salt’s illegal poker night.

John and Justin discuss Ryder’s clothes. Not his typical work attire.

Ryder hides Mac’s secret. He can’t reveal the unlawful poker game.

Ryder is vague. He’ll only say it’s for an event at Salt.

John wonders. Salt has closed for private events before.

Justin’s sad. Tonight, he wanted Salt takeout.

Ryder is pressed. Was it a success?

Thursday, May 26:

John visits Dean. He’s intrigued about Mac’s Salt events.

Dean is informed. He crashed Mac’s illicit poker night last night.


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