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Neighbours Spoilers – A job offer tempts David to stay in Erinsborough

As Aaron and Nicolette are unable to persuade David to remain in Erinsborough next week on Neighbours, a seductive job offer may just change his mind.

Nicolette (Hannah Monson, formerly Charlotte Chimes), David (Takaya Honda), Aaron (Matt Wilson), and their daughter Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker) recently made a surprise visit to Erinsborough as part of Flashback Week. It was revealed that they left the town after learning of Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) involvement in covering up Krista Sinclair’s (Majella Davis) death-not-death.

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They had hurried back from the distant site where they had been operating a holiday leasing business since leaving Erinsborough sometime in the past year, but they had returned when they discovered that Paul and Melanie (Lucinda Cowden) were about to divulge everything to the people living on Ramsay Street.

Although David isn’t thrilled to be back in Erinsborough—partially because he’s once again within Paul’s sphere of influence—Aaron and Nicolette quickly discover that they’re enjoying having their friends and family around and propose the notion of staying put.

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After Paul covered up Krista’s death, David wants no contact with him, as actor Takaya Honda recently said in a Back to the Bay interview:


“For David, he decided to leave Erinsborough in order to get away from Paul Robinson’s whirlwind and all of its associated chaos.

“He is adamantly against the notion of being entangled in that again, particularly with Isla involved as well,” Takaya said. Therefore, he strongly opposes the notion of currently having anything to do with Erinsborough.

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“It’s David who is always there to say, ‘No, no, no, don’t do that, do the right thing!'” And eventually, Paul (or Leo) makes a mistake, for which David frequently bears the price and must deal with the fallout.

He was obviously tired of it, so he reasoned, “Let’s just get out of here and start over somewhere else, and just do the right thing, be good people, out in the bush where we were.”

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However, it appears that David’s reluctance to go back may have more to do with Paul’s presence.

In the episode that airs tonight, Thursday, November 23, Cara Varga-Murphy (Sara West) manages to cut herself on a nail while David and Aaron are in the Waterhole.

Acting quickly, former physician David tends to Cara’s wound, applying a bandage, and doesn’t correct her when she believes he is a medical professional.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

When Aaron questions David about why he didn’t correct her, David becomes combative and says he didn’t feel compelled to share every detail of his life.

Is David’s reluctance to go back partly due to the fact that he is no longer permitted to practise medicine and the negative memories linked with Erinsborough?

In the upcoming episodes, Paul pays Aaron and David a visit and assures David that he won’t be in touch with him in the event that they decide to go back to Erinsborough.

David declines the invitation and tells Aaron that he feels like a terrible person around his father, despite his assertions that Paul is the primary reason he doesn’t want to go back.

He’s never been happier as he is now that he is not in Erinsborough, and he has no desire to return to the past.

But when Aaron acknowledges his unhappiness and tells David that he wants to go home, a frustrated David gives his husband an ultimatum.

Later in the week, David receives a compelling job offer that may cause him to reconsider.

After the death of Reece (Mischa Barton), Byron (Xavier Molyneux) finds it difficult to care for Krista. He goes to Leo (Tim Kano) for assistance, and Leo then goes to David for assistance. In his element, David not only restores the sense of purpose he’s been lacking but also sets Krista on a safe withdrawal path.

Krista has a setback the next day when she disappears after finding out that her father Conrad is in trouble from Holly, Linda Armstrong-Hall, who is always full of bad news.

David gets into action, setting up a search team. When he does locate her, he finds out that she has obtained narcotics and may use them.

Although it’s close call, David is able to calm Krista down by telling her about his encounter with medical manslaughter last year and how it fundamentally altered his course in life.

Gareth lost his medical licence when David abandoned him last year.

When Krista and David arrive back to Lassiters, she gets rid of the drugs and begs David to spend the night with her in order to make sure she doesn’t make a mistake again.

In order to aid in Krista’s recovery, David offers that she check herself into a short-term treatment facility and find a sober companion for when she gets out. At that moment, David receives a job offer from Krista, who also advises that he become her sober friend.

Having flourished in his role as Krista’s carer, David is flattered by the offer and chooses to take the job, knowing that it will also bring happiness to Aaron, Jane (Annie Jones), and Nicolette.

The news is out: David, Aaron, and Nicolette will be returning to Erinsborough!


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