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Home and Away: A dramatic volleyball game ends in disaster – pushing Jasmine and Rose further apart

On Home And Away, half-sisters Jasmine and Rose have had a tumultuous relationship.

They can’t seem to find common ground, despite their best attempts. Jasmine has struggled to accept their father’s treatment of them differently, and she resents Rose for the childhood she was denied.

Rose (Kirsty Marillier), for one, does not believe she owes Jasmine (Sam Frost) anything. In reality, she’s packing her belongings and preparing to leave town.

When well-intentioned Xander (Luke Van Os) meddles in their relationship, things are about to get worse.

Xander organises a friendly volleyball match between himself, his sister Rose, and Jasmine’s boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

He is hoping that it will bring them closer together. He wasn’t expecting the sisters to turn the court into a battleground, though.

The two reluctant brothers go right into the game, neither of them eager to give up a single point.

Xander stands on the sidelines, speechless, unable to calm them down. Thousands of spectators have gathered to see the intense competition.

“Xander loves Rose and Jasmine a lot,” Luke tells TV WEEK. “However, he can get caught up in their competition to be the number-one sister on occasion.”

Xander tries to argue with the pair, but they are deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de Jasmine fires a vengeful shot, the ball striking Rose in the face. Blood drips from the policewoman’s nose as she hunches over. Nurse Jasmine rushes over after realising what she’s done.

Her sister takes a step back, but the pain is too great for her; she definitely needs assistance. Rose reluctantly agrees to let Jasmine utilise her powers until they arrive at the hospital.

Xander can’t disguise his disappointment at the failure of his magnificent plan.

“Rose and Xander are inseparably linked,” Luke explains. “He’s always there for her, supporting and caring for her.”

Rose later receives a call from the Yabbie Creek Police Station, informing her that her transfer has been approved. Xander is giddy with joy. This could be their chance to make Summer Bay their permanent home. Rose, on the other hand, may not want to stay after their turbulent day with Jasmine.

What are they going to do?

Mac could lose everything if she does a good deed

She put everything on the line to pay off her debt, and it paid off. However, word of her poker parties has spread, and not everyone is having a good time.

When poker player Nathan (Ryan Panizza) comes into Salt wounded from the head, Mac is taken aback. He lost all of his money playing poker, but it wasn’t his, and he needs to reclaim it.

Mac apologises, but says she won’t be hosting any more nights because she can’t risk it. Her rent is also past due, and she needs to keep her business running.

Nathan urges Mac to continue, and on his way out, he even tries to persuade Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Dean (Patrick O’Connor) to his cause.

After a few days, Mac comes across Nathan again, who appears to be in worse shape. She feels sorry for him and gives him the rent money she pays the Surf Club.

When Mac (Shane Withington) arrives empty-handed the next day, John (Shane Withington) is furious. Mac tries to reason with him, but John’s hands are tied, and he must take further action. Uh-oh!


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