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Neighbours spoilers: Huge shake-up at Lassiters as massive star exits

Spoilers for Thursday’s (November 23) episode of Neighbours, which can be streamed on Amazon Freevee right now, are below.

After learning that sister Krista (Majella Davis) is still alive and well, Reece Sinclair (Mischa Barton) made the momentous decision to go back to the US.

After learning with much distress that her father, Conrad, an investor in Lassiters, had had a stroke, the businesswoman made the decision to return home and assume leadership.

Byron Stone (Xavier Molyneux), who has been deeply in love with Reece and has become close to him in recent months, was shocked to hear the news.

Meanwhile, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) was left beaming, relieved that Reece—whom he had long assumed was a spy sent by his father—was no longer in his hair.

Reece told Paul that she hoped he was imprisoned for his part in the entire Krista controversy during their chilly confrontation.

Reece had Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) order her a cab after gathering her things and taking one last glance around the complex. She then said a tearful farewell to her pet Byron.


No, you’re not crying.

Mischa Barton’s time on Neighbours is coming to an end as a result. The OC star has been a regular since the well-liked soap opera made a comeback thanks to Amazon Freevee.

Mischa talked about the prospect of playing the same character again in the future before the show returned.

“Anything is possible, as it’s very open-ended at this point,” she remarked at a press conference that was present at.

We look forwards to Reece’s return to Ramsay Street!


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