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Neighbours reboot overhauls iconic part of soap – sparking fears for mass axing of characters

The opening titles of Neighbours’ Amazon relaunch have undergone some major modifications, which may portend future developments.

On September 18, the popular Australian soap opera returned to the streaming service.

After a number of cast changes, Neighbours has announced its new opening titles, with one key character saying goodbye to Ramsey Street.

Actress Mischa Barton, who portrayed Reece Sinclair on the beloved former Channel 5 series, bid adieu to her role. The show aired in July of last year and was revived by Amazon this year.

Entrepreneur Reece fled Ramsay Street to take care of her father Conrad, a Lassiters investor, who had a stroke in the US. She also wanted to meet up with her sister Krista Sinclair, played by Majella Davis, who had been gone for a long time but was actually still alive.

Following the narrative surprise from last week, Krista, Reece’s sister, has become a permanent character on Neighbours.

Reece’s final line from the opening titles has been conspicuously omitted from the opening sequence intro since her departure.

The character used to hang out in the pool with the other cast members of the soap opera, but Melanie Pearson, who plays Lucinda Cowden, has taken her place.

After the events of Flashback Week, Lucinda Cowden has returned to Erinsborough and will integrate with the local characters.

The inclusion of David Tanaka (played by Takaya Honda), Aaron Brennan (played by Matt Wilson), Nicolette Stone (played by Hannah Monson), and their daughter Isla is one of the biggest changes that has fans buzzing.

“This would be gaslighting if Aaron weren’t such a moron,” a fan wrote on X (Twitter). Are these characters truly necessary to be back on the streets? Really, anyone else could have been our neighbours.

“I think this is what’s called “understanding your audience,” said a person who shared many images of Aaron.

“I am so happy Aaron and David are back now,” a third person said. All I need is Kyle and Ned.

It has been revealed that David and Aaron will also be permanently returning to Amazon Freevee.

“There were roughly twenty main characters in the previous Neighbours, and your storyline would go in ebbs and flows,” Matt told Metro, confirming that the two will remain on the popular show. But it never once stops for us [in the next episodes]!

The storylines flow seamlessly into one another and into the next, and they’re all intricately interwoven, both outside of the Street and with the other characters. It’s delicious, juicy stuff.

David Aaron was prepared to set aside his earlier reservations about going back to his former life when he and Nicolette arrived back in Erinsborough.

Neighbours airs Monday through Thursday on Amazon Freevee.


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