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Home and Away reveals aftermath of Remi and Eden cliffhanger

The first footage from the 2024 season of Home and Away has been revealed, and it shows growing concern over Eden Fowler’s absence.

Eden was attacked and abducted by two strangers in the dramatic season finale cliffhanger that aired on Australian television on Wednesday, November 29.

Remi Carter was sent flying off his motorcycle after the two men unintentionally ran into him on the road.

The two planned to bury Remi’s body and act as though the incident had never occurred because they thought he had passed away. But Eden and her partner Cash Newman, who were camped nearby, broke up their gruesome cover-up.

Eden saw too much, and the two guys captured her as they made plans for what to do next.

The most recent teaser for Home and Away, which can be seen at the top of the page, now has Cash and Felicity Newman distraught by Eden’s unexplained abduction.

In the interim, Eden is seen being held captive in an abandoned setting while her captors plot her murder in order to hide their tracks.

As per TV Tonight, the official synopsis for the upcoming return is as follows: “In the highly anticipated 2024 season premiere of Home and Away, Cash enlists the assistance of his sister Felicity and the SES to search the isolated wilderness for any indication of Eden.

However, the solemn search team is oblivious to the fact that Eden is being held captive in the middle of nowhere by the same men who abandoned her closest friend for dead.

Eden is faced with a frightening fate as she hears the men plotting to ‘get rid’ of her. Time is running out. Will Eden be found by Cash before it’s too late?

“2024 also promises new drama, fresh faces and more heart-stopping moments headed to the sandy shores of Summer Bay.”

Monday, January 8 is when Home and Away will be back on Australian television.

The show’s official comeback date to Channel 5 in the UK has not yet been announced, but based on the show’s customary six-week hiatus, it is expected to premiere in the first week of January.


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