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Neighbours’ Paul Robinson to blackmail Montana Marcel in new scenes

Next week, Neighbours’ Paul Robinson will begin blackmailing newbie Montana Marcel in order to get one over on his estranged wife, Terese Willis, as part of his diabolical scheme.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) was overjoyed to receive the contract to host Montana’s Fashion Week at Lassiters – despite the fact that she had no idea that Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) slept with Montana (Tammin Sursok) in exchange for her handing over the contract to Lassiters.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) remains sceptical of Montana and her blossoming relationship with Leo in scenes airing next week in the UK and in May in Australia. As a result, he is hesitant to invest in her cosmetics line.

Paul covertly hires private investigator John Wong (Harry Tseng) to investigate Montana’s affairs, hoping to learn more about her and her company.

Later, he is ecstatic to learn a stunning detail about Montana: she has been falsifying her tax returns for years, and the IRS is on her tail.

Montana is terrified that Paul would cancel Fashion Week, but instead he pushes her to participate in his devious scheme. He tells Montana to spend a lot of money on her Fashion Week preparations so Terese will be the one to blame if things go wrong.

He also has one more major stipulation for Montana…

Paul’s masterplan is well underway as the week progresses. Montana has split up with Leo and is ratcheting up the expenses for Fashion Week, as per his instructions, while Terese tries to keep up with the costs.

Paul believes he has regained control of his life, but how long will this feeling endure, and will his shady dealings be uncovered before things get any worse for his family?

Paul’s “primary motivation,” according to Tim Kano, is to avenge Terese, and Leo and Montana’s relationship could be a victim of his scheme.

“It’s intimate for Leo, and he’s keen to shield Montana from Paul’s cunning character,” he continued, revealing that Leo has acquired “quite strong” feelings for Montana.

Unfortunately, it appears that the ship has sailed…


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