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Home & Away confirms whether coronavirus storylines are coming

Producer Lucy Addario of Home and Away has affirmed that coronavirus stories will not be incorporated into the Australian soap opera.

The cameras resumed filming earlier this month after a production pause brought on by lockdown. However, Addario questioned whether or not viewers would want to see the nightmare we’ve been living through since March play out on TV.

“We did think about it, but we really know that people love to come to Summer Bay to escape,” the woman said to the BBC.

“By the time the episodes we shoot get shown, if we are doing COVID stories, it’ll be the last thing people want.”

Georgie Parker, an actor from Roo Stewart, added, “Who wants to see COVID on a beach?” in the meanwhile.

Conversely, Emmerdale has chosen to create unique lockdown episodes that highlight specific character groupings, integrating COVID-19 into its narratives instead of ignoring the pandemic completely, like to Coronation Street, another ITV soap opera.

These six upcoming special episodes are among of the most topical ones we’ve ever seen from the show, with certain characters being seen in lockdown.


We’ll learn how the pandemic has impacted the villagers’ lives and ongoing narratives, as well as how they have been managing at home.


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