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Neighbours’ Paul Robinson left devastated by Terese bombshell

The show Neighbours has intimated that Paul Robinson and Terese Willis’ marriage may be doomed.

Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou) and Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) relationship has just hit the rocks again after the truth about the conniving businessman’s alleged health crisis was uncovered.

After suffering injuries in the Flamingo Bar accident, Paul manipulated Terese into returning him by prolonging his rehabilitation with the help of a shady doctor.

Terese has pledged that she will have nothing to do with Paul because his son David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) exposed his father’s falsehoods.

Paul made two foolish attempts to persuade Terese to reconsider her decision in Thursday’s programme on Channel 5.

As he sought to talk to Terese, he duped Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) into being reluctant mediators.

The plan went awry when Paul used the Kennedys to bolster his case, pointing out how many times Susan had forgiven Karl for cheating on her.

Plan B had Paul compose a letter to Terese, expressing his affections for her and hoping that his heartfelt words would win her over.

Terese came to see Paul in the penthouse shortly after he delivered the letter, and he was overjoyed. When Terese revealed that she hadn’t read it, he was in for a rude awakening.

“Every time you deceive me into thinking things will be different, you weaken me that much more,” Terese said, lamenting the amount of times Paul has messed up.

Terese declined Paul’s offer to give her some space, saying: “I’m hungry for more. I’m looking for a divorce.”

Is this the end of the couple’s marriage?


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