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Home and Away reveals shock kidnap twist for Felicity Newman

Tane Parata’s stalker plotline on Home and Away has been teased with yet another unexpected twist.

Despite many in Summer Bay assuming she is the stalker, Felicity Newman will soon become a victim of Tane’s stalker, according to a brand new teaser for forthcoming Australian episodes.

Felicity’s life takes a troubling turn once she discovers the true identity of Tane’s stalker when she is abducted and finds herself in an abandoned building.

Felicity confronted Anne Sherman about her behaviour on yesterday’s (October 21) triple-bill in Australia, only to discover that Anne had been framing her all along.

When the cops arrive to arrest Felicity and discover she’s gone AWOL, suspicions against her grow even stronger. Felicity quickly discovers Anne’s motivations, but will she be able to flee and persuade Bay of the truth?

Next year, these sequences will air in the United Kingdom.

Felicity is determined to get through it “with sheer grit,” according to actress Jacqui Purvis, who recently opened out about her character’s perplexing situation.


“Felicity is stressed, lonely, and nervous,” she confessed. “She has the impression that the entire world is against her. But, like Felicity, she’s keeping strong and attempting to get through this difficult moment with sheer grit.”

Felicity already has the odds stacked against her, with her own brother Cash suspicious of her motives when a toxicology study incorrectly reveals a link between Felicity and Tane.

Nicholas Cartwright, who portrays Cash, stated, “Cash wants to believe Flick when she says she’s been set up.” “However, there are just too many red flags for him to fully support her.”


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