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Neighbours’ Mischa Barton wishes she had done more with The OC bisexuality storyline

The actor of Neighbours, Mischa Barton, expressed her wish that she could have done more with her character’s bisexuality narrative in The OC.

Prior to gaining popularity, Barton was known for her role as Marissa Cooper on The OC. She presently plays Reece Sinclair in an extended guest role on Neighbours. Marissa and Olivia Wilde’s Alex Kelly had a same-sex relationship in the second season of that teen drama.

Even though the plot was hotly discussed and widely reported, Marissa was never identified as bisexual on the show. This infuriated several followers who had referred to Marissa as a bisexual icon in the past few years. In a Gay Times interview, Barton acknowledged Marissa’s bisexuality.

“That is my belief. The problem is that they attempted to dismiss a lot of her behaviours, such as her drug and alcohol usage, as “phases.” To be sure, [her bisexuality] was mentioned but not actually thoroughly investigated. For Marissa, I can definitely see that,” Barton remarked.

However, at the time, it was difficult to even have it approved. We regret not being able to do more with the Olivia and I storyline and truly explore it deeper, as we really wanted that plot,” Barton remarked.

They made a cute couple and I think Josh [Schwartz] wishes he could have written it a little more in-depth. They genuinely fell in love.”

Barton talked about Marissa’s death scene earlier this year. Barton had previously stated that she departed The OC because she felt “unprotected.” Specifically, she disclosed the one thing she wanted to see in the scene.

“More blood, more blood, I thought. I really wanted The OC’s death to be as dramatic and realistic as possible so that she would go out with a boom. The blood was like what actually kills her, if you’re going to kill her it has to be to like [seen on screen].” It was going to be almost like a TV death.


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