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Home and Away spoilers: Irene prepares to lose everything

This week, Irene is arrested in a dramatic manner and is required to spend the night in jail. And the future is dark for the Summer Bay mainstay, as the cards seem to be set against him.
Irene (Lynne McGranger) in the movie Home and Away is impatiently waiting for police officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to arrive at the station.

She was detained together with Harper (Jessica Redmayne) for providing sanctuary to Dana (Ally Harris), a runaway. It’s an offence that might put them both in jail.
Despite their anger, Dana and John (Shane Withington) try to put things right; the only issue is that Cash is nowhere to be found. Due to his activities, he was placed on suspension and had to take a leave of absence.
Despite his conviction that exposing dishonest police officer Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) was the proper thing to do, Cash’s bold choices could cost him his badge.

But Cash is lost without his work.
Nicholas says to TV WEEK, “Cash feels so justified in his cause that he can’t imagine why he could be punished for fighting police corruption.”
John calls a few times before he finally shows up at the station. Irene is relieved, but Cash tells her there is nothing he can do to aid her while he is suspended.
Irene and Harper both have to spend the night in jail because the magistrate can’t see them until the next morning.
Cash is furious about how unfair everything is.
Does his beloved job justify the suffering?
Harper and Irene are freed the following morning, but they are instructed to get attorneys before their court date. Harper takes care of it right away, but Irene seems to ignore the advice. John discovers after a few days that she hasn’t consulted a lawyer.
Will she face severe consequences in court if she chooses to ignore the matter?


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