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Neighbours’ Karl Kennedy grows jealous over Clive Gibbons in new scenes

Karl Kennedy will confront a fresh obstacle in upcoming episodes of Neighbours, according to the Channel 5 soap.

Karl (Alan Fletcher) will have to deal with growing jealously over Clive Gibbons’ (Geoff Paine) growing popularity among his loved ones, as well as the wealth of material items in his name.

Toadie, Melanie, and Susan will be the first to be wowed. The three is captivated by Clive’s lavish home, which makes Karl feel insignificant in comparison.

He becomes overcome by awful thoughts and uncertainties about his abilities to provide for Susan since he is unable to think rationally.

He desires to provide her with the lifestyle she has always desired — for them to spend their final decades together in luxury, with no need unmet.

But he rapidly realises that if he doesn’t boost his game, their golden years are about to vanish right before their eyes.

Karl, desperate to increase his riches, will embark on a mission to uncover the best investment options for himself until he meets Montana Marcel, a fashion magnate.


He gets anxious to invest in her newest start-up, dazzled by her business mind and accomplishments, only for Susan, who is far more clear-headed on the subject, to shut it down.

Will Karl, on the other hand, be able to let go of the stress on his mind so easily?


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