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Home and Away lines up another change in Mali and Rose’s storyline

Will they get back together?

Australian-paced episodes of Home and Away include spoilers, which some UK viewers may want to avoid.

There is yet hope for Mali Hudson and Rose Delaney’s relationship, according to Home and Away.

Mali will discover in upcoming episodes that perhaps letting Rose go was a terrible decision.

A few weeks ago, Mali ended his engagement with Rose immediately after her brother Xander was attacked by thugs using baseball bats in Australian-pace incidents.

Instead of staying by her sibling’s bedside at the hospital, Rose had decided to concentrate on using her position in the police to bring Xander’s attackers to justice. Mali concluded that Xander couldn’t be with someone who didn’t share his priorities of prioritising his family because she perceived this as Rose turning her back on him.

Mali and Rose have made peace with one another and made an effort to be friends since their relationship ended. The plot takes a new turn in Australia’s episodes this week though when Elandra, Mali’s sister, decides to get involved.

Following a revealing phone call from Elandra, Rose is perplexed and confides in Xander, telling him: “Apparently [Mali] still likes me and he shouldn’t have dumped me.”

Mali, on the other hand, freely acknowledges that since his breakup with Rose, something doesn’t feel quite right. Is there a chance the ex-couple will get back together when they meet up for a conversation, or has Elandra unduly agitated the situation?

In July, Channel 5 will air these moments for Home and Away viewers in the UK.


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