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Neighbours’ Glen Donnelly risks being caught out over Kiri Durant secret

Glen Donnelly’s great secret will be revealed next week, as he tries to conceal the truth that newcomer Kiri Hua Durant is actually his long-lost daughter on Neighbours.

Glen (Richard Huggett) has been attempting to conceal his true identity since meeting Kiri (Gemma Bird Matheson) during the ill-fated River Bend escapade. His attempts to persuade Kiri to avoid spending time on Ramsay Street have failed, as she has now opted to relocate to the neighbourhood.

Despite the fact that Glen has revealed his major secret to Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou), no one else knows he is Kiri’s father. But it appears that his lie is about to be exposed, as more Erinsborough locals become suspicious of his actions.

Following their brief love connection at River Bend, Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) decides to organise a party to welcome Kiri to the street – however her true aim is to try to get close to her again.

After a difficult start, Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly), who has her own love interests for Kiri, confides in Nicolette about her worries regarding Glen, and Nicolette agrees that he has been acting suspiciously.

The two form a deal to keep an eye on Glen in the future, putting him in a tough situation as he tries to mask his true goals.

Later in the week, Chloe and Nicolette notice Glen acting oddly around Kiri and decide to work together to figure out what’s up.

The two go out of their way to find Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano) and tell him what they’re thinking. Leo does not believe Glen has malicious intent, but he vows to investigate their claims.

Glen is truly driven into a corner, and as more of his neighbours begin to keep an eye on him, he is in serious trouble. Is he poised to expose his huge secret?

Matheson suggested that her character would be “in the heart of a lot of turmoil” when she first joined the cast as Kiri in February, and she expressed her excitement about what her part would entail for on-screen representation.

She stated, “I’m a strong advocate for gay folks performing queer characters.” “This role excites me for various reasons, one of which is that I get to play myself, a queer Papua New Guinean Christian. That’s a huge accomplishment.”


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