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Neighbours’ David Tanaka and Freya Wozniak face serious charges over Gareth’s death

Next week, David Tanaka and Freya Wozniak will finally face the consequences of Gareth Bateman’s death on Neighbours.

After allowing Gareth perish in a mini-bus crash during the River Bend tour, his Erinsborough Hospital coworkers have spent the last few weeks trying to cover their tracks.

As their unknown blackmailer ups the ante in next week’s shows on Channel 5, the pressure mounts for David and Freya.

Freya turns to her estranged brother Zane to beg him for the money, as the anonymous note-sender now demands cash.

Oli Pizzey-Zane Stratford’s is initially undecided about assisting Freya. But, after hearing her heartfelt plea, he agrees to lend her the money.

Sadly, it appears that Freya and David aren’t out of their nightmare just yet, despite the wealth.

When David keys Dean Covey’s car, Freya is enraged, believing him to be the blackmailer.

David switches gears by paying a visit to Dean and requesting that he quit playing games. Dean claims he has no idea what David is talking about.

When David and Freya realise that things are out of hand, they tell hospital CEO Clive Gibbons about their conduct.

Clive can’t believe what they’ve both done, and when the cops arrive, Levi Canning is stunned to see that Freya has been deceiving him once more.

After being interrogated at length at the police station, David and Freya learn the identify of the blackmailer. They are hoping to prosecute him, but it may be too late.

After their huge admissions, David and Freya are relieved to be surrounded by love and support. Only Levi, who is still trying to forgive Freya, is an outlier.

Following that, a meeting with lawyers turns distressing, as David and Freya are both encouraged to base their defence strategy on their post-traumatic stress disorder.

The lawyers argue that this may be enough to justify David and Freya’s decision to let Gareth die, but would it be enough to salvage their careers and keep them out of prison?


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