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Home and Away’s Mia Anderson seeks closure over death investigation

Mia Anderson of Home and Away will visit a police station in the United Kingdom next week, concerned about her late husband Ari Parata’s image.

Following the devastating news that he is terminally ill, Ari passes away in hospital in this week’s UK episodes.

Mia’s friends and family in Summer Bay unite around her as the story continues next week.

Jasmine Delaney is one of those who has reached out to offer assistance, expressing her empathy at the loss of someone so close to her. Robbo Shaw, Jasmine’s spouse, died in early 2020.

Mia sees this as a ray of hope, as she realises she isn’t wholly alone.

Mia tries to regain control later when her thoughts return to the serious charges that Ari was facing at the time of his death.

Ari had voluntarily accepted responsibility for Matthew Montgomery’s murder in order to protect Mia and her daughter Chloe.

This meant Ari was in prison awaiting trial when his health began to deteriorate.

Mia goes to the police station to question Cash Newman about the current state of Matthew’s murder investigation.

Cash certifies that the case is closed and that Ari’s death will not be formally documented as the murderer.

This gives Mia some closure, as she’s pleased that the Parata family can finally put the incident behind them.

Chloe’s actress, Sam Barrett, previously spoke to Digital Spy about how she felt about Ari’s choice to assume responsibility for Matthew’s death.

“I think she’s digesting everything,” she explained, “and it’s all happening very quickly.” But I don’t believe it’s something Chloe could have imagined or desired to happen. It’s just a terrible set of circumstances.

“Chloe is debating what she should do because the scenario is so horrible.” There’s no perfect method to deal with a disaster like this.”


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