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Home and Away reveals tragic death aftermath in 16 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what’s coming up on UK screens in the week beginning Monday, April 18.

Monday, April 18th:

Mia seeks Cash’s assistance. Following Ari’s recent death, she is still grieving.

Mia shares what she’s thinking about. She’d like to know what will happen now that Ari has died in the Matthew murder case.

Mia is privately remorseful. When Matthew was killed, Ari selflessly took the fall for Mia and Chloe.

Cash provides security. He certifies that the case has been concluded and that everyone is free to go on.

Wednesday, April 20th:

Roo is the one to whom Alf confides. He’s decided to spend some time with Martha in Merimbula.

Roo is a thoughtful person. Alf has invited Roo to accompany him on his journey.


Roo has a lot on her mind. She’s been having a hard time forgiving Martha for turning down her kidney donation offer. Martha, Roo fears, is giving up on life.

In any case, Alf attempts to honour Roo’s requests. He promises Roo that she can do whatever she wants, although Alf and Martha would love for her to visit Merimbula. Roo is undecided about what to do.

Thursday, April 21st:

Tane has returned to the Bay. He’s returned from New Zealand, where he travelled with Nikau to transport Ari’s body back to the United States.

Felicity is caught off guard. Tane’s return makes her happy.

Tane seems to be in a better mood. He sees the irony in catching Felicity mid-boogie at the caravan park while listening to music.

Felicity is eager to assist Tane in every way possible. Tane has been persuaded by Nikau to accept Felicity’s assistance rather than putting all of his energy on assisting everyone else.

Ziggy, John, and Dean are all eager to assist. They discuss how they can help the Paratas.

The three of them talk about putting on a fundraiser. They want to assist in getting the gym back on track by offsetting the recent income loss.

It’s a good concept, according to Ziggy. They don’t want to go on without the family’s permission, though.

The concept receives a mixed response. Tane is appreciative, but Mia needs to be persuaded.


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