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Neighbours confirms shock arrest for Nicolette Stone

Fans of Neighbours can expect more trouble for Nicolette Stone next week as she is detained following a spectacular protest.

In next episodes, Wendy Rodwell and Nicolette will work together on a bold scheme to save Erinsborough High.

It has been established that the local school will close, and plans are in place for Terese Willis to establish a retirement experience in its stead.

Soon after, Nicolette and Wendy plan a boisterous demonstration outside the Erinsborough High building in a desperate attempt to rescue the school.

As demonstrators smash the school’s gates and enter, the gathering becomes out of control, and Melanie Pearson is hurt while on the scene.

Nicolette attempts to concentrate on her choice to return to Ramsay Street with David Tanaka and Aaron Brennan during the fallout.

The three people’s joy is short-lived as Nicolette is taken into custody for affray, property damage, and unlawful assembly.

Jane Harris, Nicolette’s mother, is horrified by the seriousness of the accusations, but Nicolette feels that the punishment is appropriate and regrets her actions.

When Wendy hears about Nicolette’s incarceration, she feels terrible and shocked, as she does elsewhere on the Street.

As a co-organizer of the demonstration, Wendy aggressively requests that her husband Andrew arrest her as well.

As a result of the tensions, Wendy and Andrew discover that they’re still getting over the recent information regarding Philippa and the Varga-Murphy family.

What will happen to Wendy and Andrew now that they don’t know how to handle it all?


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