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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean turns against Logan and Bella

Logan’s week gets worse as Dean turns against him next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Bella tries to make a new career out of her love.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) was flat on his back in the farmhouse when we left him last week. Dean had put up his board in the living room as a dry run in his haste to get out surfing again after his car accident, only to end up collapsing to the floor in agony when he tried to get up from a paddling posture.

As we pick up the action this week, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) returns home to the farmhouse to find Dean sitting on the sofa in pain.
After he explains what happened, Ziggy wonders whether it’s simply a case of physics. Jumping onto his board on top of a hard surface is going to bring more pressure to his recovering body than the cushioning effect of water would, and she suggests that they head out to the beach to try it for real.
Dean, however, when he approaches the water’s edge, firmly states that he is unable to do so, presumably recalling the time he had to prevent Justin (James Stewart) from drowning after attempting to surf following his own procedure.

Dean admits that he assumed he’d be farther advanced by now, and Logan advises that he come in for some more scans before they discuss further activities with his physio.

The scans are clear, so Dean is baffled as to why he hasn’t made more progress. Dean is worried, so he asks Logan if he’ll ever surf again, and Logan says that he can’t guarantee it.
Despite it only being a possibility, Dean takes the news hard.

When he later overhears Marilyn (Emily Symons)—who has been re-admitted to hospital after losing the feeling in her legs again—refuse to be treated by Logan, Dean thinks back to the day he was first admitted after his car accident, when Logan and Tori (Penny McNamee) butted heads over his treatment.

Despite having his life saved by Logan that day, Dean suddenly decides that Logan is the whole reason that his surfing career looks to be shattered—if they’d gone with Tori’s treatment plan, things were sure to have been different!
With Logan already facing an official complaint from Marilyn so soon after he took over the Emergency Department, is Logan’s new position going to be over before it’s even started?

Bella (Courtney Miller) also faces the full force of Dean’s anger this week, thanks to some extremely bad timing!

Both Bella and boyfriend Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) have felt that they’ve lost direction in recent weeks, and sought new jobs to turn their lives around. Nik decided to take up John’s (Shane Withington) request that he join his lifesaving course, while Bella managed to convince housemate Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to let her work at Salt.

It only took two disastrous shifts before Mac was forced to fire Bella, albeit with Dean and Ziggy doing the honours on her behalf, which Bella took very badly.

Bella was eventually persuaded to pick up her camera again after more pep talks with Dean and Ziggy, something she’d been unable to do since Nik’s modelling career ended in sadness for her.

Bella’s passion for photography has finally returned, and she’s wondering how she’ll make money from it.

Irene (Lynne McGranger) proposes that she simply go around the neighbourhood for local companies that are certain to require a freelance photographer.

Her first stop is at the surf club, where John is counting up the final scores for Nik’s bronze medallion assessments, which he aced with flying colours. Despite Bella’s strong sale, John doesn’t offer her a definitive yes or no.

Instead, Bella contacts Dean in the hopes of persuading him to hire a photographer for the board shop.

Unfortunately, Dean isn’t in the mood to be reminded of his surfing career, as he’s in a slump after concluding he’ll never be able to surf again—and having tossed his surfing championship trophy and Jai’s drawings into the trash.

As Bella tries to get Dean to think positively, he suddenly explodes at her, telling her that she has no idea of what he’s going through!


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