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Kate Ritchie’s wild ‘nude’ painting confession

When former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie and her radio co-stars Fitzy and Wippa got talking on Tuesday, it revealed a rather private habit.

In an earlier, off-air conversation, Ritchie had disclosed to Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald and Michael “Wippa” Wipfli her propensity to sunbake naked in her backyard.

However, she appeared a little taken aback when the topic was discussed live on air.

Wippa said, “Ms. Ritchie might actually take the kit outside for a little sunbaking on a sunny day,” but Ritchie cut her off, saying, “You can’t talk about this!”

Unfazed, Wippa continued by disclosing that Ritchie occasionally painted while nude in addition to sunbaking.

“You didn’t do it with your clothes off, did you?” I asked you when you informed me you had been painting in the garden.

“Although it was a trite remark intended to be humorous, she actually did!

“Therefore, Kate Ritchie painted the entire back fence nude!”

Ritchie, looking a little embarrassed, said that she hadn’t planned on taking off her clothing for the do-it-yourself project at home.

“I had dabbled in gardening.” She said, “I pulled out cactuses and stuff.”

“Then I realised, ‘Oh my god, I’m so dirty.'” However, I want to finish painting. Painting is what I want to do today.

“So I simply thought, take off your clothing.

“Remove all of this dirt, including the dirt and debris from the old succulents.

I realised that I was the only person present. The holidays are here. I’m an adult.

“I’m painting because I deserve it; this is my house.”

Ritchie did add one disclaimer, though, in case the idea of her painting her fence in the buff was too outrageous to fathom: she was donning a hat.

She mentioned Ray Meagher’s legendary role from Home and Away, saying, “I had my Alf Stewart hat on.”

But what about nosy neighbours and inquisitive eyes?

Ritchie remarked, “Unless you’re in the apartments up top, you can’t see into the yard.”

Following the piece on Ritchie’s Instagram, followers commented, “You do you.”

One fan said, “Good on you Kate, be proud and enjoy what’s right for you.”

“I don’t understand why people make silly, giggly jokes about nudity and find it unusual.”

Another said, “You were in your own safe place, and there are too many prudes in the world. We should be proud of our bodies.”

“I say there should be more of it.”

“You really are stunning!” a third person stated.

“I follow suit.”

A fan was slightly more taken aback.

They wrote, “Rudy Nudy Kate Ritchie haha.”

“Oh my goodness, you’re up for that haha 😂😂😂😂😂.”


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