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Home & Away’s Luke Van Os: ‘Chris Hemsworth gave me tips!’

Luke Van Os, the newest heartthrob on Home and Away, has a personal connection to the show: his older cousin Chris Hemsworth grew up watching it before going on to become a great Hollywood star!

Luke announced his casting on Instagram in March of this year, stating he was “very pleased” to be working on the movie.

“My character, Xander, has a close relationship with one of Summer Bay’s most popular residents. I can’t express my gratitude enough to the incredible cast, staff, and @channel7 for making me feel so welcome in this long-running family.”

Luke, who portrays Xander, told New Idea that Chris has been a big help as he adjusts to life in Summer Bay…

What drew you to join the cast of Home and Away?

It’s such a well-known show. Being a part of it is a dream come true for me because I grew up watching and loving it. I’m extremely fortunate to be studying from the finest.

What drew you to Xander’s character?

I admire Xander because he is a genuine wonderful guy who is strong-willed and compassionate. There’s a lot to learn about Xander, and he’s been a lot of fun to get to know. I’m excited for fans to discover more about him since he’s much more than meets the eye.

How does it feel to be following in the footsteps of your cousin Chris by participating on the show?

Amazing! Chris has only spoken highly of his experience on the show, so to have the opportunity to do the same is incredible – I still can’t believe it!


Has he offered you any advice in preparation for your role on the show?

He, like the rest of my family, has been an enormous help to me. I believe the most essential piece of advice Dad has given me is to respect everyone, work hard, and have fun!

In Home and Away, there are a lot of beach scenes. Did you intensify your exercises in preparation for going shirtless on set?

Beach settings are OK with me because I’m at ease in my own flesh. I haven’t yet had a scene with Ethan Browne (who portrays Tane), but I’m sure I’ll want to raise my workouts when I do.

Home & Away airs Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m. Seven is a television channel.


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