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Home and Away Spoilers – Justin and Forrest feud to destroy Lyrik

As Kirby adjusts to life as a solo artist, Forrest issues an ultimatum that could permanently destroy Lyrik on the UK’s Home and Away the following week.

Forrest, Kirby’s new manager, is Elijah Williams’s replacement. If Kirby’s (Angelina Thomson) decision to leave Lyrik for a solo career wasn’t bad enough for her former bandmates, Forrest gives Justin, James Stewart, a startling ultimatum that could end the band as a whole!

Kirby was starting to feel very underappreciated by Remi (Adam Rowland), Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), and Theo (Matt Evans) after being the only one willing to participate in the majority of the publicity drive for Lyrik’s recently released album. This was especially true since she had been the only one working a proper job in recent months to ensure they could still pay the rent on No. 55.

Therefore, even though Kirby knew that famed label representative Forrest Duke primarily promotes solo artists, she was still open to speaking with him when he knocked on her door—well, technically, he rang her.

After a few meetings and an opulent hamper, Kirby was persuaded that the chances of pursuing a solo career, as promised by Forrest, were worthwhile. She informed Justin and Remi that she was departing from Lyrik.

While Theo, Justin, and Remi were obviously devastated, they also understood Kirby’s perspective. However, Eden was less forgiving of Kirby for leaving the band they had founded in high school.

Kirby tries to keep quiet when she gets back from the city the next week, but the fact that she still lives with Remi and Eden might make things awkward. Things are going quickly, Kirby informs Justin, and Forrest is getting ready to declare that Kirby is going solo the following day.

Bad news for Justin, the band manager: the band as it currently exists will dissolve in less than a day. He is currently marketing Lyrik’s CD.

When Forrest introduces himself and informs Justin up front that he would prefer that he not speak with Kirby directly going forwards, Justin expresses his desire to continue their conversation.

Using the occasion, Justin speaks with Forrest about Kirby’s announcement and inquires as to whether it can be postponed. Forrest, though, is unyielding, telling Justin that they must maintain the momentum. Lyrik will be alright, according to Forrest, since numerous bands frequently switch up their lineups.

But Justin isn’t so sure, so the next morning when he meets Kirby again, he can’t help but remind her that it’s her friends that she’ll be harming.

Even though the launch is just a few hours away, Kirby begs Forrest to postpone it. Kirby informs Forrest that Justin promised to value her opinion, but Forrest still thinks that Justin is approaching her despite his express warning not to.

Forrest pensively advises that Kirby should delegate any future business choices to him when she admits that she was unable to face returning home to Eden and Remi and spent the night at the Pier apartment instead. That way, in her mates’ eyes, he may be the bad guy.

Forrest goes to the Morgan residence to inform Justin that, at Kirby’s request, he has unwillingly postponed the launch. But when Justin disregarded his requests, he became irritated and chose to deliver a different kind of bombshell.

The label is currently relinquishing all ownership to any content authored by Kirby Aramoana. With immediate effect, the album must be taken down from all platforms, and Lyrik is not allowed to perform any songs on which she is credited as songwriter. which is all but one of their whole collection, since Kirby was their primary songwriter!

at another scene at Summer Bay, Tane (Ethan Browne) learns that his sister-in-law Gemma (Bree Peters) was hurt in an automobile accident in New Zealand.

Gemma, the mother of Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), travelled to Summer Bay with Nik and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) in 2020. However, she chose to remain in New Zealand after visiting the area six months later to scatter her late husband Mikaere’s ashes, much to the dismay of many fans who believed that she was the most well-liked member of the family.

Tane is split when she hears that Gemma will be in hospital for a while due to a fractured collarbone and leg, even though Gemma has the support of the large Parata whānau. Nik, who currently resides in New York with his girlfriend Bella (Courtney Miller), is attempting to visit, but all of the events are scheduled.

Tane, though, won’t abandon her wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) so quickly after her own experience. Tane, though not entirely believing Flick’s assurances, is reassured by her attacker Jeremy (James Dyke) that she will be alright, even though Jeremy is still incarcerated awaiting sentencing. His family must be with him.

Tane, though, is just making his trip arrangements when Flick gets a call that makes her shudder. He chooses to hide the news from Tane and leaves for the airport the following morning without realising that she is now dealing with further chaos.

Flick waves Tane off and goes straight across the street to see Eden, who tells her that her attacker has asked to meet!


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