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Home and Away’s James Stewart rings in his birthday with hilarious throwback

James Stewart, who starred in the TV show Home and Away, is celebrating his birthday today and has shared a humorous flashback photo to commemorate the occasion.

James, who portrays Justin in the Australian drama, is celebrating his 46th year on the planet and shared the news with his followers.

The actor exclaimed, “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!” on Instagram.

“Here’s a picture of myself when I was eight years old! Don Johnson was someone I aspired to be. Bahaha! ???”

James shared a side-by-side photo of himself when he was eight years old and a photo of his idol at the time, Don Johnson, in the post, which you can see above.

James, who was younger than Don, had even dressed up in a white jacket with a pink shirt underneath.

The only thing missing were the sunglasses, but James nailed the look otherwise.

Aside from Don’s shenanigans, James’ co-stars from Home and Away leapt at the occasion to send him well-wishes and messages of love on his special day.

“Jimmy, have a wonderful birthday. I’m hoping your ladies pamper you rotten “Lynne McGranger said on the post in the comments section.

“Brother, happy birthday!! I wish you a wonderful day!” Davey should be ditched, he said.

“Congratulations on your birthday, Jimmy!” “On ya Jimmy!” Georgie Parker added, while Nicholas Cartwright remarked.

Last year, James celebrated his birthday with his wife Sarah Roberts, who wished her husband a happy birthday in a new photo of the two together.

In the caption, the actress paid tribute to her cherished lover, writing: “The most powerful creature I know.” My one and only love. “Happy birthday, husband,” I say.

We have no doubt that Sarah will make James feel special today, as will his daughter Scout, who will go to great lengths to ensure that he is well pampered.


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