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How Rob Mills and fiancée Georgie Tunny’s romance began with a TV news report that inspired a “crazy” DM

Rob Mills has been an Australian Idol finalist, a regular on Neighbours, and a runner-up on The Masked Singer, but his most important part is still to come: spouse.

While prepping for his appearance on Dancing With The Stars: All Stars, the actor and singer is also planning his wedding to Georgie Tunny.

Rob proposed to the TV journalist in late 2021 after over four years of dating and will soon be able to call her his wife.

But how did this TV star’s affair with a news reporter begin? Of course, with an Instagram DM.

Rob had piled up his fair share of terrible Tinder dates after living in the single “party boy” lifestyle for a while when he met Georgie in 2018.

He saw her on TV while eating his morning toast.

“Then one morning in 2018, I turned on ABC News Breakfast and thought to myself, ‘Who is that?!’,” Rob told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“She was lovely and intelligent.” I needed to learn more about her, so I Googled “Who is the new ABC sports presenter?” and found Georgie’s name.

“I sent her an Instagram direct message that began, ‘I promise I’m not insane.”

It’s hard to think that one Instagram message could spark a romance between a TV reporter and an Australian actor, but this is the digital era, after all.

Georgie recognised Rob from his Australian Idol days in 2003 and replied to his “crazy” move.

As they say, the rest is history.

Romance bloomed, and the couple became official soon after, much to the dismay of some of Rob’s strongest supporters who hoped to win his heart one day.

Despite his celebrity, the 39-year-old admitted in 2020 that he got lucky with Georgie and believes he’s batting over average.

He told Now To Love, “I heard somewhere once that if both people think they’re batting above their average, the relationship is in terrific shape.”

“I believe she is a remarkable human being. She’s witty, a lot smarter than me, and she inspires me with her work ethic and character.”

Rob also mentioned that they have “monthly evaluations” where they discuss what works and what doesn’t, which is extremely beneficial to the relationship.

So, how can you acquire a positive feedback? It’s all about understanding each other’s love languages and making an effort in the small things.

“You could go get some flowers, which is wonderful, but you could also make the bed, and they’ll be like, ‘Oh my God, you made the bed?!’ ‘You’re the best,’ I say “Rob described their home life as “very down-to-earth.”

In terms of their personal lives, the couple celebrated a huge relationship milestone in 2021 when they moved into their own home after three years of dating.

Georgie had been living with Rob in his city home prior to the move, but having their own place offered a lot of new experiences for the couple, including couch shopping.

“We’re doing adult stuff — we’re going furniture shopping and getting a couch,” Rob told WHO at the time.

The revelation naturally spurred curiosity about where the relationship might go next and when, if ever, Rob would propose.

After a cryptic message Rob posted on Instagram on Georgie’s 30th birthday in January of that year, there were already rumours that the couple was planning to marry.

“Tunny, you are beautiful, sweet, funny, brilliant, and talented. You’ve already crammed a lot into your schedule “Along with a series of birthday images, Rob commented.

“Let’s see what happens next… shall we?”

Some admirers mistook his query for a signal that he was about to propose to his long-term partner, but as the year drew to a conclusion, it appeared that the rumours were just that.

That is, until New Year’s Day, when Rob shared the wonderful news that he and Georgie were engaged on Instagram.

Rob captioned a snapshot of himself and Georgie at the beach with a diamond ring on her finger, ” “The best road trip I’ve ever taken. I proposed to this girl as my wife.”

In an exclusive interview with Now To Love, the actor admitted that the moment he proposed did not go as planned.

He had wanted to propose on Mount Kosciuszko, the country’s highest peak, but it was far too crowded for the intimate occasion he had envisioned.

Instead, Rob proposed to Georgie in a more intimate setting during a romantic road trip — and she had no idea.

“It was really stunning. I’m delighted things turned out the way they did, and then we got some pies “He burst out laughing.

“I wanted to go to the mountains for myself and the beach for her as we drove up to Sydney. She was completely unaware of what we were doing.”

The couple now has a wedding to plan, but they don’t appear to be in any hurry following years of low-key dating.

For the time being, Rob appears content to savour the small moments with his future bride, saying that napping and debating are two of his favourite activities with Georgie.

“We enjoy debating issues, which is a good thing. I guess it’s her brain that I admire the most “he stated

They appear to be a perfect match, and we can’t wait to see where their lovely romance takes them next.


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