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A shock diagnosis and a terrible revenge : 7 big Neighbours spoilers

With the airing of all kinds of dirty laundry, it’s going to be an uncomfortable week for many in Neighbours. Lie after lie, tryst after tryst, and financial woes will all be revealed.

It hasn’t been a good week for Ned (Ben Hall), who has finally made up his mind about which woman he wants. When his betrayal is revealed to the public by an unforeseen way, things quickly spiral out of control.

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) is convinced she can now have her man after their tryst is revealed. Unfortunately for her, Corey has a different plan in mind for her.

Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is about to have an epiphany when she is struck by bad luck – could her ex be to blame?

When Susan (Jackie Woodburne) finds out what Karl (Alan Fletcher) has done with their $200,000, he gets a physical slap.

And Hendrix (Ben Turland) is about to get some very, very bad news.

In a shocking Fashion Week disaster, Ned’s infidelity is revealed

Finally, Ned admits that he can’t deny his feelings for Harlow and that they should be together. He’ll tell Amy, but only after her big fashion show is over. Waiting turns out to be a huge mistake because it allows Amy to unwittingly try to change his mind by telling him she loves him, which he responds to. Additionally, someone has other plans for him. Harlow’s debut on the catwalk, with all eyes on her, is interrupted by projections of her and Ned kissing on her dress. Amy is confronted with surprising and unmistakable evidence that Ned has cheated. Harlow believes this is the time to make Ned her own, but Ned is devastated by the turn of events.


Harlow is caught in Corey’s net

Will Harlow, on the other hand, ever make it that far? Ned is now doubting everything, and she is being shunned because of her shady behaviour. Corey notices this and sees a chance to further isolate her. He manipulates Terese and makes Harlow appear to be the bad guy. Harlow is exactly where he wants her to be. What will he do next?

Terese’s luck runs out

Paul has been manipulating events for weeks in order to bring Terese to her knees, and she is finally catching on to his schemes. She’s looking forward to fashion week, but she has no idea she’s in for a disaster. The cops arrive and arrest Montana as the week begins and she eagerly anticipates her hard work. Things are starting to fall apart around her, and Paul is ready to slam the door in her face and make sure she bears the brunt of the blame. Things start to click when he expresses delight at her misery — she realises he knows exactly how things will turn out.

But Lucy comes in town before she can confront him, and she does the only thing she can: she fires Terese. Terese, enraged and jobless, now has plenty of time on her hands to plot her vengeance.

Karl’s out on his ear

Karl’s financial bet goes belly up when fashion week fails. Montana is arrested for insolvency, and when Susan learns of it, Karl is in big trouble. Susan cannot disregard the fact that he has cost them $200,000 as a result of his foolishness. He tries everything he can to reclaim their money, but it’s futile. Susan isn’t in the mood to forgive. She pushes him out since she can’t stand seeing his face any longer, and he seeks shelter from Paul. He turns out to be the housemate from hell, in true Karl fashion, and Paul can’t wait to get rid of him. He devises a scheme to win Susan’s support so that he can get rid of his new houseguest, but Susan isn’t having it. Paul isn’t going to get his couch back anytime soon.

Hendrix is diagnosed with a disease

Mackenzie is ecstatic with how Fashion Week went; it was supposed to be her big break. Hendrix is occupied with supporting her, but he is interrupted by a severe coughing spell. In this day and age, he may be forgiven for believing the ‘rona has delivered him a bad blow, but it turns out it’s far more terrifying. He goes to his doctor, not expecting much, and leaves with his world tumbling down around him. He receives a shocking diagnosis that will have far-reaching consequences for his future. He tells Karl and Susan, who try to put their marital problems aside to assist him. Is he, however, helpless?

Montana and Leo can’t seem to keep their hands off each other

While Fashion Week is in full swing, Leo is preparing to introduce his gin. His family is there to support him, and everything goes smoothly, so he’s the man of the moment. But his happiness is tainted by the fact that he has no one with whom to share it, and he can’t help but think of Montana. She’s sworn to stay away, but she can’t help herself when she sees his need for her. Isn’t one last kiss going to hurt?

The net tightens

Glen has been skirting the truth for weeks, but his deception is finally being exposed. John Wong informs him that Nicolette is still digging – she’s like a hound with a bone, and he realises he’s on borrowed time. He’s kicking himself for messing with her. Nic notices that Lucy and Glen are still friends and takes advantage of the occasion to grill Lucy with questions. She learns that Glen has an ex-wife named Karen as a result of this. Glen tries to sabotage Nic’s mission, but she is undeterred. Glen has some bad news.

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, May 2nd.


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