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12 soap spoiler pictures: Coronation Street verdict aftermath, EastEnders fire explosion, Emmerdale attack, Hollyoaks return

Next week on the soaps, death lurks around every corner, as some lives are jeopardised and one legend dies.

The figure we’re talking about is Norris Cole from Coronation Street, who will die in forthcoming scenes, much to the surprise of the cobbles’ best.

Janine Butcher may have made a triumphant comeback to EastEnders last night, but she may be running out of time as she is caught in a fatal fire. Will she die before she has a chance to create further havoc?

We sincerely hope not!

Meanwhile, in emotionally charged Emmerdale scenes, Brenda Walker finds herself in grave danger after a fight with Rhona Goskirk over troll Cathy Hope.

Next week on Hollyoaks, the furious Summer Ranger returns to complete her goal, holding both Sienna Blake and Brody Hudson prisoner at gunpoint.

Isn’t it all getting started now? Do you want a sneak peak at what’s to come? We had the same notion. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy our hand-picked selection of next week’s must-see events.

Coronation Street

Tyrone, unable to suppress his emotions, exclaims that he misses Fiz and the girls before admitting that he loved their kiss and stating that his engagement to Alina was a mistake! Meanwhile, Alina finds that Hope had previously caused additional fires, and she confronts Tyrone about it, berating him for hiding secrets. Ty, on the other hand, acknowledges that he wants to see Fiz again! Alina is hurt and about leaving, but Tyrone persuades her to remain.

Imran, filled with remorse, returns home wearing the same clothing he wore the night before. He claims he was inebriated and spent the night in the workplace. Following that, he informs Toyah that he has engaged a psychologist for Kelly with the remaining funds from the anonymous donor.

Norris wants to meet up because he has some vital news to give, but Freda informs Ken and Rita that he has fallen and has been rushed to the hospital with a suspected stroke. When Ken, Rita, and Mary arrive at the hospital, they are informed by a saddened Freda that Norris died half an hour ago. Residents of the Rovers raise a glass to Norris, who has passed away.


Scarlett is missing, and Janine finds her in Tommy’s room. Tommy, on the other hand, locks the door and throws the key down a crevice in the floor. As a fire rages through 55 Victoria Road, the three of them are confined in their bedroom, ignorant of the danger below. They quickly realise what’s going on, and they need to get their hands on the key!

It’s Chantelle’s death anniversary today. Gray gets flowers on his porch, and when he realises they’re from Kheerat, he confronts him right away. Kheerat, on the other hand, is preoccupied with something else: the fire at Phil’s house! They make their way towards the fire. Kheerat is the first to enter, followed by Gray, but then there’s an explosion!

Linda begins to have contractions while Jack interrogates her about whether or not Max is the father of her child. The landlady vehemently denies it, but when her waters rupture, things get tricky!


April advises Cathy to keep away from the troll because she may become a target if she hangs out with her. Cathy, overcome with remorse, resolves to do the right thing and confess. April is completely taken aback when she learns that Cathy is to blame for her trolling nightmare. Meanwhile, Cathy is concerned about the potential implications.

When Rhona learns that Cathy is to fault, she is dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Heath is worried sick about Cathy, who has vanished. Bob begins looking for his daughter, but it is Rhona who locates her! Brenda watches the brawl as Cathy tries to get away from Rhona. She gets caught up in the hubbub, but Rhona inadvertently elbows her in the face! Brenda tries to grasp Rhona again more, but this time Rhona shoves her, knocking Brenda to the ground.

Matty is enlisted by Marlon to assist with the Woolpack BBQ. Matty is happy, and once Marlon departs, he prepares to fire up the grill. However, he ends up squirting lighter fluid on the grill, igniting a firestorm of accusations. Marlon beats himself up after his hands are burnt, and Chas warns him that if Matty decides to sue, they might lose everything.


When DS Cohen informs Sienna that Summer’s body may have been discovered, she is taken aback. It’s up to her to identify the body, but Liberty won’t allow her do it alone and informs Brody about it. Brody joins Sienna, and the two ex-lovers have a common desire to get rid of Summer. But there’s one minor flaw: the body isn’t Summer’s!

Sienna and Brody are whisked away to a secure location. Summer is lurking in the shadows as the former couple has a heart-to-heart. She emerges from the shadows, equipped with a pistol. Summer points the gun at Sienna on the brink of a cliff, much to Brody’s dismay, who begs Summer to spare Sienna’s life.

Before going to great lengths to defend Sienna, Brody strikes a bargain with Summer. Summer breaks her word, and the repercussions are life-threatening.


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