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Home and Away introduces Jasmine’s siblings in 14 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs in the week beginning Monday, May 2.

Friday, May 6th:

Rose, a newcomer, goes to the seaside pool. Rose has been replaced by Kirsty Marillier.

Rose has already made a relationship with a Summer Bay local. Jasmine’s long-lost siblings are her and her brother Xander. They found out about Jasmine through their father’s estate after he passed away recently.

Rose takes a look at her phone. Xander has taken the initiative by going to Jasmine’s house for the first time.

The cash has arrived at the beach pool. For the first time, he meets Rose.

Cash has no idea who Rose is. He jumps into the pool for a swim after exchanging greetings.

Xander finally catches up to Rose. His initial encounter with Jasmine did not go well since she suspected him of being a fraudster and refused to speak with him.


Rose is on the verge of giving up. Xander wants to work on developing a connection with Jasmine, but Rose believes it is not a smart idea.

Xander is determined to keep Jasmine. One of their top priorities is persuading Jasmine to accept the inheritance left to her in their father’s estate.

Rose and Cash run into one other once more. This has become a pattern for them.

Rose’s identity is still unknown to Cash. Cash is aware that Jasmine’s two siblings are in town, but he hasn’t grasped the connection yet.

Rose has a fling with Cash. She is plainly attracted to him on a love level.

Rose tries to persuade Cash to change his mind. She is unaware of his relationship with Jasmine.

Rose is gently lowered by Cash. He explains that he has been kidnapped.

Rose can’t help but be a little envious. She makes the statement that whoever is dating Cash is in for a treat.


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