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Neighbours confirms Paul Robinson’s secret over David Tanaka’s death

According to Neighbours, Paul Robinson started the terrible sequence of events that resulted in his son David Tanaka’s death.

In Tuesday’s show, there was a flashback scene that exposed Paul’s remorse and clarified the secret he keeps from Eden Shaw.

When Eden broke into David’s vacation last week with Aaron Brennan, Leo Tanaka, Krista Sinclair, and Nicolette Stone, he created mayhem.

When the villain learned that Krista was expecting his child, he became determined to face her. It wasn’t immediately apparent, though, how Eden had found out this information or how he knew where to look for her.

Everything was made evident in the most recent episode of the soap opera when a flashback scene saw Paul and Eden plotting together the night before David died at the Lassiters penthouse.

After seeing that Eden was free on bond from his stint in jail, Paul invited him upstairs for a conversation.

Determined to destroy his son Leo’s bond with Krista, Paul’s cunning scheme informed Eden of the holiday and Krista’s pregnancy.


Although it’s still unclear how far Paul intended Eden to go, he was saddened to discover later that his intervention had backfired and that David had died as a result of Eden’s retaliatory acts.

In the meantime, Eden broke out of the hospital in the present day and took Melanie Pearson prisoner in the Kennedy residence as he attempted to obtain money to begin living on the run.

Toadie Rebecchi, Melanie’s ex-husband, attempted his own daring rescue by breaking into Number 28 and tackling Eden to the ground, frustrated with the police’s slow response to her plea.

The police stormed in and Toadie’s valour paid off when he subdued Eden and forced him to be re-arrested.


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