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Home and Away: Can Tane and Felicity be saved from their kidnap hostage horror?

Tane and Felicity are trapped in an abandoned cabin and face a dreadful end at the hands of Anne in this week’s episode of Home And Away. Will Cash and Ari be able to save them before it’s too late?

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is missing, and there are more clues pointing to her as the Salt poison-gas attacker. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), her brother, wants to believe she’s innocent, but he’s starting to wonder if he’s wrong.

To protect his sister, he’s risked his job by deleting evidence and concealing key information from Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun).

However, the longer Felicity refuses to return his calls, the more Cash suspects she is concealing something.

“Cash is upset when Flick goes missing,” Nicholas, 30, tells TV WEEK. “He’d previously witnessed his sister battle demons, but nothing like this. Every fibre of his being yearns for her to get home safely.”

When it’s revealed that the reason no one can find her is because she’s been kidnapped by her so-called friend, Anne (Megan Smart), that’s exactly what Felicity wants!

All of a sudden, the pieces of this horrific puzzle fall into place: Anne was the one who left the flowers for Tane (Ethan Browne) and was the one who carried out the lethal chemical assault.


Felicity, who is chained to a chair in a shanty, is now Anne’s bait for luring Tane into her trap. Tane barely makes it through the front door before he’s out cold, despite Anne’s assurances that she can arrange for him to meet up with Flick.

When he wakes up, he finds himself bound next to Felicity, while Anne plots the ultimate act in her diabolical scheme.

She explains why she’s doing what she’s doing while mixing the chemicals that will finish the work she started at Salt. If both Tane and Felicity have to die, she’s willing to pay the price.

Meanwhile, Cash and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) decide to start their own investigation after learning that their brother Tane is also missing. It eventually leads them to the shack’s location.

Cash and Ari rush to the shack as Anne dons a hazmat suit and Tane and Felicity plead for their lives… But whether they’ll make it in time is up in the air. Hurry up, guys!


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