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Rose plans a romantic surprise for Mali in Home and Away


Mali’s less-than-romantic proclamation of love has Rose feeling uneasy around him. Later, when Mali runs into Rose, they agree that he will take it back and they will act as though it never occurred. Deal.

Irene is determined to make fun of Summer Bay’s rumour mongers and teach them a lesson for their unfounded speculations. She makes a great deal out of adding a love heart to his coffee and lets Marilyn know that she will be attending Jett’s wedding with him. Irene is loving maintaining the lie, but John isn’t so sure because Marilyn appears frazzled.

Felicity calls Tane out for being “clingy” after he cancels bootcamp and then follows her to work. Tane plays the loyal husband to Felicity. Tane admits that leaving her alone so soon after her assault makes him anxious.


After getting a blackmail SMS, Felicity feels nauseous, and Tane wants to call Cash, but Felicity is insistent that her brother can’t be aware of this. Tane insists that they should call the police, but Felicity continues to firmly refuse. Tane lies for Felicity and blows off his brother-in-law when Cash presses him with probing questions, but it’s obvious he’s uncomfortable keeping the police in the dark.

In the meantime, Marilyn confides in Alf that they still find it hard to believe John and Irene are dating after seeing their “PDA” yesterday. What was that cheek kiss about, he directly asks her when Alf enters the restaurant later. Irene leans forwards, thinking that perhaps she and John are getting along even better than she had imagined. Alf apologises to Marilyn when Xander and Mac appear to “confirm” the rumour, suggesting that perhaps something is indeed going on between them.

Marilyn confides in Alf that she doesn’t mind if Irene and John are dating, but she wonders why they won’t just tell her straight up. She believed that their friendship was superior than that.


Alf urges Marilyn to express her feelings to John and Irene, but she is preoccupied with how she will cover up her fictitious date’s absence from the wedding. Marilyn has changed her tune, though, and she is delighted for John and Irene if they are a happy couple. Friends behave in this way. Alf, though, can’t help but serve John afterwards; after all, if he’s moved on, he might as well be open about it. Marilyn is upset, but Alf could care less. John confides everything to Marilyn after feeling so guilty. Will she agree to be his plus one?

Mercedes tries to kiss Remi, but fails, and Remi and Eden butt heads. Is Mercedes attending the rehearsal, Eden wonders. And if Remi doesn’t show, what will she tell Kirby and Theo? Remi is forced to inform Lyrik that Mercedes might not be returning because she has not been seen. Ever.

Theo asks Alf for aid because Justin is in need and is having a hard time. Alf and Justin’s meeting with Alf reveals what’s bothering him: Tegan and Andrew are getting along like old friends, and Tegan has talked about taking Andrew in to live with her. Justin said he worries Tegan won’t be able to handle Andrew’s needs. Alf gives Justin some comfort by telling him that if Andrew wants to go with Tegan, it’s because Justin has given him the confidence to do so. After all, she belongs to Andrew’s family. But Justin is still not persuaded.


Tegan is eager to speak with Justin and Leah in private after spending time with Andrew, the social worker, and each other. Justin rejects her suggestion that Andrew move in with her when she brings it up again. Tegan is essentially a child herself, and taking care of Andrew is a great responsibility. Even if there are many conflicts, they can all agree that Andrew should have a say in his future.

Justin offers Andrew a choice when he approaches Andrew to broach the subject: stay with him and Leah. They will back him. Justin is clear that Andrew must make the choice, but Andrew is obviously conflicted. Remi shows up in search of Mercedes, who abandoned her duties to Lyrik as a result of Remi’s rejection. Remi’s passion for Bree is crystal evident to her in her motel room. If Mercedes returns to the band to record, it must be for the band and not for Remi.


Leah feels sorry for Tegan as a result of Andrew’s choice, while Andrew struggles with lying about his choices. Theo urges Andrew to tell Justin the truth about wanting to live with his sister, but Andrew is reluctant to do so out of fear of upsetting him after everything they have gone through together. After overhearing Remi talking to Mercedes the previous night, Bree is chilly with him. Bree corners Remi after offering him the chance to confess.

Remi attempts to describe what took place, but Bree corrects him. Why did he wait so long to bring it up if it was so innocent? Remi is unable to accept this behaviour because Bree makes her think of how she was treated during her marriage. He has diminished her influence by withholding the facts from her. Remi affirms that nothing occurred and that nothing can, as he previously assured Mercedes. A sobbing Bree accepts his apology and his commitment to never lie again. But as soon as she is left alone with his phone, she quickly takes a picture of Mercedes’ phone number.

Rose secretly reveals to Mackenzie that she would have said “I love you” too had it been stated under different circumstances, but Mali is recovering and he and Rose are in a beautiful place as a result of their agreement to act like the “I love you” didn’t happen. Mali will have a candlelit meal as a romantic surprise from Rose at the farmhouse. She dresses up for the occasion and guides him home while wearing blindfolds, but when they arrive, the Farmhouse has been vandalised and a menacing note reading “Stay away from my wife” has been left. “Mali, what’s going on?” screams a frightened Rose.


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