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Home and Away Spoilers – Can Cash prove Detective Madden is corrupt?

On this week’s episode of Home and Away in Australia, Cash misleads Detective Madden about Dana’s whereabouts. Will the dishonest cop catch him?

This week, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Harper (Jessica Redmayne) deceive Detective Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) about Dana’s whereabouts as part of their risky attempt to protect the newbie.

However, Dana’s continuous commitment to her ex is going to put their scheme in jeopardy.

After replying to Irene’s (Lynne McGranger) post for a lodger, Harper arrived in Summer Bay a couple of weeks ago and moved swiftly into the Beach House.

Irene was unaware that she had other new house guests as well as Harper. When Harper was alone herself, she unlocked the bedroom window to let Dana, a hospital nurse and her sister, in. Dana was on the run after being wrongfully accused of stealing medications from her place of employment.

Dana and her boyfriend Olly’s flat contained the drugs, and it seemed that Olly placed the entire burden on Dana.

& Dana Matheson, Harper

They had come to Summer Bay in the hope that Cash, an old acquaintance of Harper’s, might be able to assist in establishing Dana’s innocence. Cash was informed of the problematic issue by Harper, who also requested that he investigate into it. However, Harper asserted that Dana had vanished and that she was unaware of her whereabouts.

Then, last week, Will Madden showed up, having travelled to the Yabbie Creek police station after learning that Cash had asked for a copy of Dana’s case files. He was dubious of Cash’s motivations and questioned why he was so invested in the situation.

Cash clarified that it merely seemed to be an intriguing case and that he thought Dana had fled out of fear rather than guilt.

Calling a contact after Cash had left, Madden requested “all the information you can get on Senior Constable Cash Newman.” A little while later, he called Cash back to the station and informed him that he had learned the real reason behind his interest in the case: Cash and Harper had previously worked together.

He warned Cash to quit looking for information “before you get yourself into some real trouble” and disclosed Dana’s drug history, which Cash was unaware of.

She is running away since that is what guilty people do, therefore that is why.

Cash went back to the Beach House to give Harper an update on the situation, but because he showed up unexpectedly, he ran into Dana in Irene’s living room, forcing Harper to admit that she had been sheltering her sister there the entire time.

Cash was enraged at the two because he knew that if anyone found out that he was helping a fugitive, they may all wind up in jail.

The siblings were shocked when Cash revealed that he was forced to take Dana to the police station and explained that Dana’s greatest chance of proving her innocence was by contesting the accusations.

Before leading Dana out of the Beach House and into his police cruiser, he instructed her to pack a bag and grab a jacket.

Dana persisted in pleading with him that by giving her to Detective Madden, whom she considered to be dishonest, he was feeding her to the wolves.

Cash finally had a change of heart and accompanied her back to the Beach House after she recounted her background, including how she had struggled with a drug issue but was now totally sober and loved her job as a nurse.

This week, Cash risks his career by telling Madden a falsehood about Dana’s whereabouts, and Dana’s own actions may result in the trio being exposed.

In spite of Madden’s advice to back off, Cash is seen in a new promo for this week’s episodes scribbling notes at the police station and continuing to investigate the case.

Dana is likewise on a mission to establish her innocence, as evidenced by the image of her looking over her case file.

She claims that “this Madden guy is as sketchy as they come.”

The same seems to be Cash’s thinking, who says, “I need to prove Madden’s corrupt, that’s the key to getting you out of this.”

Cash argues, “We’ve gotta play this smart,” but Harper counters, “It’s too dangerous.”

According to TV Week, this week will mark a breakthrough when Dana offers up an alibi, saying that she was out to lunch with Harper when the narcotics were consumed. Cash tells her that the restaurant is sure to have CCTV footage, which might be crucial to demonstrating her innocence. He is startled that this crucial piece of information wasn’t on her statement.

It is precisely what they require. Unfortunately, Dana boasts about the progress to her ex-boyfriend Olly since she thinks she is soon to be found innocent.

Ally Harris claims to TV Week that Dana is impulsive. She may have missed some warning flags since she loved her ex. She ultimately lost a lot of faith in her own judgement and may have relied too much on others, even when they haven’t earned it.

It looks that Madden has arrived early when Cash tries to obtain the restaurant’s CCTV footage, raising the possibility that the investigator is corrupt and working closely with Dana’s ex.

In upcoming episodes, Cash will accompany Madden as she brings Harper in for questioning while she is dressed casually.

“How is your sister doing?” When Madden inquires, Harper sticks to her narrative and responds, “I don’t know where she is.”

The crooked cop then gives warnings to each of them.

Madden admits to them both, “I know you’re both lying to me.” And when I demonstrate it, things will become very complicated for you.

He’s got them, there’s no doubt about it, but can Cash show Madden is collaborating with Ollie before it’s too late?

Detective Madden is also shown entering the Parata/Newman residence in the latest trailer, probably in search of information on Dana’s whereabouts.

Is Cash going to be able to outwit him?

The copyright to the songs Kirby (Angelina Thomson) composed for Lyrik has been revoked, which prevents the band from performing their biggest hits or releasing their album, as Kirby (Elijah Williams) discovers this week.

Remi (Adam Rowland) defied Forrest’s orders not to play any Kirby compositions last week. He began playing Someone Like You while busking outside Salt, much to Eden’s (Stephanie Panozzo) worry.

Eden made an attempt to discourage him, but Remi shot her down by saying, “[Kirby] wrote the song for Lyrik, and we’re Lyrik.”

He insisted, “I’m done tiptoeing around. I’ll perform when and how I like.

But when this week’s action picks back up, Remi is halted when music mogul Forrest passes by and hears what he’s playing.

Forrest threatens, “I’ll be seeing you in court if you pull this stunt again.”

Remi and Eden receive yet another surprise on their way home. Forrest has gone ahead and announced that Kirby has departed Lyrik due to the unlicensed busking.

Eden and Remi read the headline and are astounded: “Lyrik’s Kirby Aramoana leaves band to launch major solo career.”

Later, the two run into Kirby and Forrest in Salt along with Bree (Juliet Godwin), and while Bree wants them to go over and congratulate Kirby, Eden is insistent that she can’t.

“But she’s your friend, isn’t that what should come first?” Bree queries.

“She didn’t think so,” Eden responds.

After some time has passed, a furious Eden confronts her old buddy in the Lyrik-like home, saying, “Pulling copyright on Lyrik material was a slap in the face.”

But because the former Lyrik members have been giving Kirby a wide birth and she is unaware that Forrest removed the copyright, it has taken until now for the information to surface.

Kirby insists that “there has been some sort of mistake,” but Eden isn’t interested and tells her to “save it, we’re out of here.”

Is Kirby willing to prioritise her friendships over her budding solo career when she confronts Forrest about his behaviour in Tuesday’s episode?


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