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Home and Away Teaser: Cash makes a worrying discovery in Dana’s case

Cash may be a man of the law, but this week his commitment to the force is put to the test when he learns that a fellow cop is dishonest.
In Home And Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), under the watchful eye of his boss Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky), continues to assist an old acquaintance, Harper (Jessica Redmayne), and her younger sister Dana (Ally Harris).
Dana has hid till they can establish her innocence; she is under investigation for drug accusations.

But since Madden is certain that she is guilty, doing so is challenging. Cash makes an effort to arm himself with knowledge before Harper is called in for interrogation.
Dana explains that on the day the medications were stolen, she went out to lunch with Harper, but for some reason, this information was left out of her statement to Madden.
Cash promises Dana that the restaurant will have surveillance footage that might clear her. Dana boasts to her ex-boyfriend, who sought to blame her for his misdeeds, about her impending victory knowing freedom is close at hand.
“Dana is impulsive,” Ally describes her as being. She may have missed some warning flags since she loved her ex. She ultimately lost a lot of faith in her own judgement and may have relied too much on others, even when they hadn’t earned it.

Cash is horrified to hear that Madden has already gathered the CCTV footage from the restaurant when he attempts to take it. Why did he know that?
Later, Madden interrogates Harper about her sister’s location at the police station.
Madden warns that things are about to get extremely messy since he knows they are lying, and Cash battles to maintain his composure.
Threatening Cash simply serves to reinforce Cash’s suspicions that Madden is dishonest and collaborating with Dana’s ex.
The development sends money reeling. Everybody will be in risk as a result of whatever Madden has planned.


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