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Missing person, a surprise visitor and a love triangle: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

This week on Home and Away, Tane (Ethan Browne) is still having a hard time dealing with Felicity’s erratic behavior, but he has no clue what Felicity is hiding from him. After all, Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) is the one who uncovers the truth when he finds her stash of alcohol at home.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is having trouble bonding with her infant daughter in another scene; it seems like everyone else can do it better than she can. In order to take over night feeds, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) walks out to get her pumps. However, when he returns from his nap, he finds that his girlfriend has vanished, leaving him alone with the baby.

Here are the Home and Away upcoming events for the week starting on Monday, April 3.

Nikau finds Felicity’s cache of alcohol.

Tane is frustrated that he can’t assist Felicity, and when the Surf Club’s WiFi goes out, he lashes out at John in anger. His hostility becomes so extreme that Dean has to yank him away and confront him. Dean counsels Tane that the only thing he can do is stick by her and support her when he discloses the truth about Felicity. It seems like Tane has worked out how to proceed, but later, when Nikau goes to get some fresh towels from the cupboard and finds Felicity’s alcohol stash there, the situation quickly changes.

Cash veers off course, and Eden screams at him to stop.
When Cash finds out that Eden has been released from the hospital, he is irate that Eden didn’t inform him herself. He dashes over to her house to check on her, but Eden wasn’t ready for him and had already requested some privacy. She makes a suggestion for him to leave before giving him the truth. Later, Eden is abruptly struck by a flashback of her and Cash sharing a bed, which sends her feelings into overdrive. She goes to the shore to unwind in the hopes of running into Cash. He checks to see if she’s alright, but that just causes another memory. He becomes very alarmed and disappointed as she finally yells at him to back off.

On the day of Jacob’s funeral, Bree is accused of homicide.
Since arriving in the Bay, Bree has been living with Xander and Rose, but her road to recovery has been anything but straightforward. Bree’s attitude is off, and Xander confronts her about it. She acknowledges that today is Jacob’s funeral and that his family and all of their old acquaintances are suffering because of it. Additionally, while she has received encouraging messages, she has also received derogatory messages labelling her a murderer. Xander advises her to switch off her phone. It’s time for them to shift their attention elsewhere.

After becoming overburdened with parenthood, Ziggy vanishes.

As a new mother, Ziggy has entered a world of diaper changes, sleepless nights, and crying. To make things worse, she thinks her daughter isn’t even trying to connect with her. Sleep deprivation isn’t assisting either. Dean encourages her and compliments her on a work well done. After a brief absence, he returns with breast pumps and offers to take over the nightly feedings so she can make up on her sleep. Ziggy is appreciative, but when Dean gets up from his nap, he discovers he is alone in the home with the child because Ziggy is not there.

After seeing Xander and Bree together, Remi reacts angrily.
When Bree receives a box in the mail containing the evidence from the day Jacob died, she is just beginning to regain control over her feelings. The letter she penned to Remi expressing her love for him is one of them. She goes to locate Xander after he says that she must express her feelings to him. Remi believes she has moved on, though, when he spots her with Xander. He loses it and launches an assault. Bree comments that he sounds like Jacob in the intensity of the moment.

Ava appears in the Bay and becomes fixated on Theo.

As Justin and Theo begin their day at the workshop, Justin is startled to recognise his daughter Ava who has unexpectedly appeared! Ava, who is now 16 years old, says that after a fight with her mother, she boarded the bus to the Bay. Nina is permitted to remain there temporarily after Justin gives her a call. However, Ava is preoccupied with Theo and only has eyes for him while Justin attempts to question her about the boy she appears to be seeing online.

Lyrik’s performance is ruined by Felicity after she loses control.
Felicity’s downward spiral is still going strong after she moved to the RV park, and as Lyrik’s performance in Salt begins, she immediately starts drinking. Gabe and Mackenzie try to get her to stop, but she just continues drinking and gets crazier as the night wears on. Finally, Mackenzie sets a firm boundary and orders the woman to return home. Felicity, who is enraged, leaves the bar stumbling but not before cancelling Lyrik’s show.

Remi makes the decision to abandon the Bay and Lyrik.
Even though Remi’s hand is still in a cast and he can’t play yet, he has been urged to watch the performance. He struggles to watch Kirby and Theo perform because he feels like he belongs up there with them. Even worse, Bree shows up wearing a beautiful dress and joins Xander in their seats to enjoy the music.

Remi eventually loses patience and exits the room. Bree pursues him, but Remi tells her he’s had enough and that he can’t take seeing the band and the lady he can’t have. He informs her that this is it and that he is abandoning the Bay and the band.


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