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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

Theo is blissfully ignorant that his stalker is someone in his community on the upcoming episode of Home and Away.

Tane is upset when Felicity pushes him away, and Rose finds it difficult to break up with Mali.

The complete list of nine major events is provided here.

Theo’s stalker is revealed

Ava, Justin’s daughter, attempts to spend as much time with Theo as she can as she settles back into the Bay. Because of Theo’s popularity with Lyrik, Kirby speculates that she might have a crush on him, but she thinks it’s harmless.

But when Ava is by herself in her chamber, Theo’s scrapbook can be seen there. It is discovered that Ava is the one who has been harassing Theo online using the alias “I 3 Theo.”

Felicity dumps Tane

Tane inquires about Felicity at the campground after learning that she got into a fight while intoxicated during Lyrik’s most recent performance at Salt. Tane’s visit is not well received by Felicity because she has yet to admit that she has an alcohol issue.

Tane is shocked when Felicity gives her engagement band back and declares their relationship is over. Tane is devastated and unsure if this is the end.


Felicity opens up to Cash

Cash takes over Felicity’s recovery attempts now that their relationship is over. In front of her brother, Felicity eventually breaks down and confesses that she has been drinking to numb the pain of the accident day.

Felicity also implies that individuals who are similar to her and Cash are denied happiness. Cash worries that Felicity might be correct when she says that they have both been plagued ever since their parents passed away.

Bree tries to stop Remi from leaving

Bree is upset following Remi’s vow to leave Summer Bay. She tries to change his mind by showing him the love letter she wrote for him while Jacob was holding her captive.

Bree explains that she isn’t ready for a relationship with Remi yet, but hopes to be at some point. When Bree asks if Remi will wait for her, he promises that he’s going nowhere.

Eden is torn after her memories return

When her recollections of Cash keep coming back, Eden feels uneasy. Even though it’s a positive indication, she decides not to tell Cash because she doesn’t want to give him false hope.

Shared concern for Felicity eventually binds Eden and Cash together. Eden is startled when Cash kisses her after misreading the cues.

Since he previously pledged to keep the pressure off Eden, Cash quickly realises that he has made a serious error.

Alf struggles with a tech upgrade

Following John’s persuasive presentation to the committee, the Surf Club receives a complete technological upgrade. Alf struggles with the new method and wonders why things couldn’t have remained the same.

Despite John’s assistance, Alf is obstinately unwilling to learn from his competitor or anyone else.

Alf’s situation only worsens when he unintentionally forwards an email to all Surf Club subscribers criticising John.

Rose pushes Mali away

Mali advances Rose’s relationship when, after another enjoyable date, he asks her into his caravan. Rose breaks away and makes a hasty exit just as things between the two start to get hot.

Later, Rose discovers that the cruel manipulation by the biker gang leader Tex the previous year is still causing her anxiety around males. Mali, who she wants to reassure, believes she has already dumped him after her hurried departure.

 Ziggy worries about Izzy

When Izzy the baby starts to fuss and gets unusually warm, Ziggy brings her to the hospital. Ziggy continues to have doubts despite the doctors’ insistence that Izzy is healthy and sending her home.

Ziggy returns to the hospital on the advice of his mother, and is happy to see Bree working there. Bree confirms that Izzy might have a mild case of gastro after Ziggy places pressure on and demands appropriate tests.

Ziggy then develops an irrational fear of infecting Izzy with anything. Dean is uncomfortable about how she is acting.

Gabe heads to the hospital

After being struck by a surfboard in the cranium, Gabe also receives medical attention at the hospital. When Bree inquires about Gabe’s medical background, he replies that he had cancer last year.

When Gabe’s blood tests later reveal an abnormality, he is distraught. He worries how to tell Mac that the cancer might be returning as it occurs to him.


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