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Home and Away star Juliet Godwin reflects on Bree’s emotional storyline

Juliet Godwin, a star of Home and Away, discussed Bree’s difficult domestic violence plotline.

After joining the program last year, Juliet was given a problem-based plot with Bree being mistreated by her husband Jacob practically right away.

There was a last showdown where Bree killed Jacob in self-defense as he menacingly dug a shallow grave after the abuse reached a stage where Jacob wanted to kidnap his wife.

A few months after Jacob’s death on screen, Juliet gave an interview to Australia’s 7 News in which she reflected on the significance of the plot: “I chose to pursue acting because I wanted to convey meaningful tales, so when I found out that I was playing a domestic abuse narrative, I was like, ‘This is great. It’s such a crucial story.

According to Juliet, Home and Away had a special chance to raise “awareness about a very important and very sad issue within society.”

In order to fully connect with women who have experienced hardship, she added, she wanted to make sure her performance was as authentic as possible.

“Based on what I learned through my research, there is a perception that women can get pretty stuck because, tragically, there is a lot of mental abuse in addition to physical violence.

And that will exhaust someone, make them doubt their own judgment, make them live in fear, and make them want to keep this a secret.

With the help of the advocacy group White Ribbon Australia, Juliet conducted research on the subject of domestic violence and spoke with actual survivors. She intends to participate in the Walk for WAGEC marathon and is still committed to bringing attention to the problem.


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